Meet the True North Mortgage Team

Since True North Mortgage opened its doors, our priority has been to offer you, the Canadian home buyer, timely mortgage advice for YOUR needs, paralleled with the best rates and mortgage products in the industry. Achieving this goal requires the knowledge and dedicated work ethic of one essential element: our people.

Dan Eisner

As CEO and Founder of True North Mortgage, Dan has always believed that Canadians with good credit deserve better interest rates on their mortgages. In 2003, he launched True North Mortgage in Calgary, giving Canadians access to the lowest mortgage rates without all the hassle and game playing that can sometimes occur in this industry.

Dan has been expanding True North Mortgage throughout Canada, creating offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, and of course, Calgary. He has been able to keep his low-rate promise through high-volume rate discounts and established relationships with lenders.

Chad Riddell

Chad started working at True North Mortgage as a broker in 2010. He worked as a store manager and regional manager, before taking on his current role as Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Chad is committed to building and maintaining a strong corporate culture across Canada by being involved in hiring, staff development and retail store openings coast-to-coast.

Chad helps with the development of new business initiatives, such as our in-house CMHC approved lender, THINK Financial. He also spearheads incentive structures that ensure the long-term health of the company, while growing and attracting the best new talent.

Chad works closely with our developers, marketers and outside partners to evolve our digital offering. This includes our custom-built CRM system, marketing websites, rate advertisements and national marketing campaigns.

Toll Free: 1.877.248.6677

Chris Rempel

Chris Heads up the Mobile Mortgage Broker Program launched in 2019. This program enables True North Mortgage to service clients where there are no stores, or outside of typical business hours. Chris is responsible for hiring, coaching and developing brokers in the program, along with coordinating with internal marketing and development teams to create digital tools for mobile brokers and customers.

"I have two young boys of my own, and thus my wife and I know firsthand the satisfaction homeownership brings. One of my favourite parts of this career is to be able to provide that same satisfaction to others.

Mobile Brokers Program call 1(778)879-4149

Our Team

Our team of salaried mortgage specialists at True North Mortgage work in retail store locations just like the big banks, in downtown Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax. Each store is led by a Senior Broker/Store Manager. The sound leadership they provide, combined with our interactive staff mentorship program — and strict alignment with the industry’s highest standards for integrity and privacy — will help ensure that you have the best, most hassle-free mortgage shopping experience.

See the Entire Team

Development of our internal software systems, marketing websites, and national marketing campaigns are handled by the Pump team, a boutique digital studio added to True North Mortgage in 2019.