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We can help you navigate the process of purchasing home, from dealing with pre-approval anxiety to negotiation with the banks on your behalf.

Resources you may find useful

Getting a mortgage for your first home is a big financial commitment and the options can seem overwhelming. True North Mortgage has helped thousands of Canadians afford their first home. We know you have questions, so we’ve collected some great articles for you. When you’re ready. Give us a call.

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Pre-Qualify in Minutes

Your credit is a big piece of the puzzle—it affects your rate and product choices. We can pinpoint your situation quickly. In the meantime, here’s how your credit…

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Credit 101

Your credit is a big piece of the puzzle—it affects your rate and product choices. We can pinpoint your situation quickly. In the meantime, here’s how your credit file, rating /…

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Newcomers to Canada

Are you a Canadian living abroad, or a non-Canadian citizen hoping to purchase a property in Canada? We can manage all your mortgage details. You save money, get…

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Your Income

Annual income is the main factor in determining the mortgage amount for which you qualify. Sound simple? There’s much more to it — here’s information on how a bank sees your mortgage…

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Down Payments

With as little as 5% of the purchase price down, you can be on your way to owning a home. Talk to us about Insured versus Conventional mortgages today.

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RRSP Home Buyers Plan

Buying your first home? You can use your RRSP’s as a down payment. Save with no tax on the withdrawal and repay it back to the program over several years. We have all the details.

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Purchase Plus Improvements

You’ve fallen in love with a home, but it needs work. We can help you renovate right away. With one manageable mortgage, and as little as 5% down, you can turn…

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Mortgage Checklist

It’s hard to remember everything you need to do — use our Checklist to save time and energy. We’re here to make the mortgage process easier.

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Housing Stats

We have the statistics to help you understand Housing Market trends in your area, and nationwide. Take a look, call us and feel well informed about your buying and selling options.

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CMHC and Genworth

If your down payment is less than 20% of the purchase price, you’re required to insure your mortgage. We can help you through the High-Ratio process, outlining fees and offering expert…

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Working With a Real Estate Agent

Going it alone can start simple but end in frustration and wasted time. Using a licensed Real Estate Agent can help immensely with your investment decisions and details. Leverage these…

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Land Transfer Tax (LTT)

Unless you live in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or rural Nova Scotia, a Land Transfer Tax (Property Purchase Tax) will be added to the closing costs on your property purchase. We have the…

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Mortgage Protection Insurance

Your home; it’s likely your biggest asset. Know the best way to protect your mortgage. We don’t sell insurance, but every mortgage offers it — here are some things you need to…

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Mortgage FAQ's

There’s a lot to know about the mortgage process (of course, we make it much easier on you). Be informed, and benefit from questions already asked.

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Credit FAQ's

Your credit is important in getting a mortgage — here are some quick facts you should know. For information on how your individual credit situation will affect your investment decisions,…