Talat Quadri

Talat Quadri

Mobile Mortgage Broker

I bring 17 years of financial institution experience in the area of Customer Service, Mortgage and Financial Planning.

I worked in Dubai UAE as a banker before I came to Canada. My recent last employment was as a Financial Advisor with a chartered bank of Canada. I worked there for 7 years and got two promotion for providing outstanding customer service to all the clients.

I am passionate about helping people to complete their financial goals. Therefore, I would do your mortgage but also help you to understand how you can save money for your future goals.

I like taking challenges and it motivates me. Therefore, if you have challenges in your mortgage application, please give me a call and I would be happy to assist you.

At True North Mortgage, we treat all clients special and provide low-interest rate mortgage to save your thousands of dollars as we understand you have other goals to save money for.

Please reach me out if you have any question.

Mortgage Agent Licence #M20003230 | True North Mortgage Licence #12700