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Robin MacDonald Mortgage Specialist

Store Location: Vancouver - Royal Centre

Phone: 604-558-1500

Toll Free: 877-541-6677

Fax: 877-422-0985

About Robin

I first became a mortgage broker in 2011 because I have a strong passion for Real estate which I enjoy sharing with others. I have personally experienced the process of buying, selling and leasing out properties and have extensive experience in client care. I have obtained mortgages for Canadians across the country. I enjoy helping first time home buyers purchase homes, but I also enjoy helping existing home owners access equity in their property to complete renovations, purchase additional property, travel and consolidate debts. I believe that knowledge is power and strive not only to help you make the most informed decision but to share as much of my knowledge with you as possible. With the increasing complexity of mortgage lending, it is now more important than ever to make sure you choose wisely when choosing a mortgage and choosing a mortgage broker.