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The Canadian government's effort to mitigate residential foreclosure rates in the coming years stems from the following 3 major rules announced by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty back in February.

In Summary:

i) If you plan to qualify for a variable rate mortgage after April 19th 2010 expect your approval amount to be calculated off the 5yr posted fixed rate (currently 5.39%). A safe measure really, considering those that wish to sign up for a Variable rate mortgage will likely be paying a rate comparable to today's 5yr fixed in the coming few years.

ii) High Ratio Investors – Last Call! Anticipate a minimum 20% down payment for rental / investment property mortgages after April 19th, 2010. Considering the steep insurance premiums (upwards of 8.4%) high ratio investors pay on borrowed funds, it has been a risky model for “building wealth” on many levels in any case.

iii) Debt Consolidation: Currently, one can re-finance a property up to 95%LTV. After April 19th, 90% LTV will be the maximum refinance level. This understandable and proactive measure should help ensure home ownership remains an effective way to save.

These changes take effect nationally in a mere 25 days though some lenders are looking at implementing them sooner.

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