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See how much you can save with a lower rate.

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Save over 5 years:


A lower rate gives you more savings than merely a lower monthly payment. The real savings is both the interest saved, plus the additional principal paid down over the term.

The difference in monthly payments would be 41, but the value is considerable more.
Total monthly payments
Principal paid over term

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About The True North Mortgage Compare & Save Calculator

It helps you visualize the considerable savings of a lower mortgage rate. And, it shows more than just the interest saved - while that can be a substantial number all on its own, our calculator also shows you how much less principal you will owe at the end of your term.

Our calculator starts with some numbers worth understanding:

  • The lower rate is our current 5-year fixed rate.
  • The hight rate is 0.20 more than our 5-year fixed rate. On average, that is how much lower True North Mortgage is than our competition. See our "Proof" blog post below for the data behind our great rates.
  • The mortgage size is the average price of a home in Canada.
  • Mortgage Term is five years. Most people looking at this will have less than 5-years left on their mortgage, but given that rates are historically low, locking in for 5 years will make sense for most people. If you have 3 years left on your mortgage, you should set the term to 3 years to see how much you will save.
  • Amortization is set to 25 years (by far the most common).