Our 3.99% 6-Mo Fixed is the lowest mortgage rate available in Canada.

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A lower rate gives you more savings than merely a lower monthly payment. The real savings is both the interest saved, plus the additional principal paid down over the term.

The difference in monthly payments would be 41, but the value is substantially more.
Total monthly payments
Principal paid over term

Various tools and functions of this website perform calculations and provide cost estimates. These tools are designed for illustrative purposes only and make many assumptions that may not reflect all situations. Please use these tools in collaboration with a True North Mortgage agent. True North Mortgage does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of these tools or calculations.

It's an 'aha' moment — when you see how much you'll save.

Our Compare & Save Calculator shows you:

  • The considerable savings of a lower mortgage rate over a typical mortgage term
  • The 'lower rate' is our current rate vs competitor rates
  • It shows how much interest you'll save
  • AND it shows how much more principal you'll pay down — which can shorten your amortization to help pay off your mortgage earlier

Clearly, our better rates help you keep more money in your pocket.

Money that you can use for other things, on your terms. Money saved that can really add up over the life of your mortgage.

Along with our great rates, you'll also get a better mortgage and avoid sneaky restrictions on other 'bargain-bin' rates.

Our friendly True North Mortgage brokers have access to thousands of products to fit you with the most flexible product for your situation. We're real people with substantial mortgage experience, and we go the extra mile to offer great advice to help you avoid hidden fees and pre-payment penalties that may cost you more later. Plus, if you're a first-time home buyer, we'll let you know about programs and rebates to help soften the financial blow.

We're obsessed with saving you money. We want to give you a better choice than your bank, and a better way to get a mortgage.

Apply or renew now to get your BEST rate (for which you qualify) and the right product to save a pile of cash.

Or, get a helpful renewal reminder and SAVE on your next mortgage term.

Here's how our rates-comparison calculator works:

  • Lower Rate is first set at our current 5 Year Fixed rate (the rate most-often chosen by Canadian home owners).
  • Higher Rate is 0.20 more than our current 5 Year Fixed rate (or, you can type in the higher rate you're currently paying). On average, this is how much lower our rate is vs the competition (aka the banks), thanks to our volume discount. Want more proof that our rates are lower? Check out our blog post for the data behind our great rates.
  • Mortgage Size defaults to the average price of a home in Canada. Enter in your mortgage amount.
  • Mortgage Term is first set to 5 Year Fixed, the term and rate-type that many clients prefer to lock in at (given the current historically-low rates). Already have a mortgage? Choose the term for your remaining time to see how much you might save if you switch now (pre-payment penalties may apply), or would have saved (talk to us at renewal time!).
  • Amortization is first set to 25 years (by far the most common).

Come for our better rates, fall in love with our better service.

Mortgages are all we do, and we're pretty good at it. Our highly-trained True North Mortgage brokers take pride in providing unbeatable service, now with over 15,000 5-star reviews, the most in the industry (it's actually not even close).

We're here for you online, over the phone, or at one of our convenient store locations — anywhere you are in Canada.

Compare & Save Calculator FAQ's

What is a mortgage term?

A mortgage term is the length of time you hold your financing agreement with your lender — anywhere from 6 months to 10 years (with 5 years being the most common).

Your term includes everything outlined by the lender's mortgage contract, such as the interest rate, your payments, pre-payment privileges and penalties, and other details.

At the end of your current term, you'll either pay out your mortgage in full (not that likely) or renew for another term (very likely). You'll continue to renew for multiple terms until your mortgage 'matures,' which means it's finally paid out in full, at the end of your amortization.

What is amortization?

Amortization is the calculated number of years it will take to pay off your mortgage in full.

  • Standard amortization in Canada is 25 years
  • For high-ratio mortgages (less then 20% down payment), maximum amortization is 25 years
  • Having more time to pay off your mortgage is called an 'extended' amortization, which may be available, depending on your situation and the lender
How can I save more money on my mortgage?

In addition to our better rates, having a flexible mortgage product is also important in helping you save.

See an ultra, ultra low rate on the web? Guess what? The mortgage that comes with it may have unexpected restrictions that will cost you more at renewal time, or prevent you from making additional payments or changes in your payment frequency during your term.

Having a flexible mortgage product right off the start will help you pay off your mortgage faster by allowing more pre-payment privileges and more options at renewal time.

Our expert True North Mortgage brokers can advise you on ways to increase the amount you put down on your principal, to shorten your amortization and further reduce the amount you pay in interest over the life of your mortgage.

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Why do we have better mortgage rates than your bank?

At True North Mortgage, our unified, salaried (no-commission) brokers have the freedom to check with all lenders, and even haggle on your behalf. Then, we pass along our volume discount, which gets your rate even lower.

Banks may provide you with their 'discount' rate, but it's still based on a higher one-size-fits-all rate, because they take a 'customer loyalty' approach to attracting your mortgage business.

No matter where you get your rate, you still need to qualify through the federal stress test. Our expert brokers help make sure your mortgage rate is the best one you can get for your situation.

What is a restricted mortgage?

See an ultra, ultra low rate on the internet, or advertised by a lender? The mortgage that comes with it may come with restrictions that will cost you more money in the long run.

In order to offer a much lower rate, a lender will increase the pre-payment penalties on the mortgage conditions to lower their borrowing costs. These restrictions may mean that you'll pay more at renewal time, or be charged penalties if you decide to make changes to your payments, or want to switch or refinance.

We can help you decide if a restricted mortgage fits your goals, or if you're better off with a more flexible mortgage product. Our typical rate discount is thanks to the huge volume we do, not from restrictions added to a mortgage.

Time to keep more money in your pocket?