Our 3.99% 6-Mo Fixed is the lowest mortgage rate available in Canada.

Proof that our rates are lower.

We really do help you save.

The stats are in. Third-party data shows unequivocally that our rates are 0.20% lower on average than the big banks and other mortgage finance corporations. Take a look.

Jan 24, 2023

Originally posted Sep. 23, 2019

Proof 2023

We're proud of (your) better rates.

Well, here's the proof of the (mortgage-savings) pudding. One of Canada's three mortgage insurers recently shared their rates data on completed mortgages.

Their data shows how we stack up against the competition. It's a direct comparison between True North Mortgage and the rest of the mortgage market — like big banks and other MFC lenders.

Our rates have been an average of 0.20% below the competition for years.

For example, right now on a $500K mortgage, our better 5-year fixed rate saves you over $4,700!

Pair that kind of rate savings with our better mortgages that offer flexible pre-payment options and less admin fees — and the savings over the life of your mortgage just keep adding up.

The best way to save money? Don't spend it. Our lower rates can work in your favour — compare right here using our helpful calculator.

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Save over 5 years:


A lower rate gives you more savings than merely a lower monthly payment. The real savings is both the interest saved, plus the additional principal paid down over the term.

The difference in monthly payments would be 41, but the value is substantially more.
Total monthly payments
Principal paid over term

Various tools and functions of this website perform calculations and provide cost estimates. These tools are designed for illustrative purposes only and make many assumptions that may not reflect all situations. Please use these tools in collaboration with a True North Mortgage agent. True North Mortgage does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of these tools or calculations.

Need more proof that we can save you thousands?

Our amazing clients have given us over 15,000 5-star reviews — the most (by far) in the industry.

Our friendly, mortgage-brainiac brokers go the extra mile to ensure you can save the most yet have a simple, stress-free process that gets the deal done on time.

Speaking of time — we save that for you, too. We get back to you quickly, and even complicated details are handled efficiently with continual updates and responses that make you feel like you're our only client. 😃

We do the (mortgage) thinking for you.

We've spent years working out this whole 'True North mortgage savings' advantage so that you can walk right into your best financial choice.

THINK Financial is our exclusive CMHC-approved lending arm, which allows us to offer you some of the best rates in the industry.

We may still get you a better rate from your bank — after all, our volume business gives us access to several accredited lenders to find the right one for you, and we pass along a rate discount. But a healthy majority of our mortgage deals are funded through THINK — and the only way to access THINK rates and mortgages is through our expert brokers.

Our clients love how much we can save them on their rate AND the flexible mortgage options that come with it.

Your mortgage process made easy (for free).

Our highly trained brokers are salaried and non-commissioned for unbiased advice to help you make clearer decisions. We keep your process simple while offering personalized strategies based on your unique details and mortgage needs.

All online or all in-person — get a fast pre-approval no matter where you are in Canada. We're real people who care — because we know how important your better rate and mortgage are for your long-term financial goals.

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Your best rate and mortgage go together.

At True North Mortgage, we unite your best-possible rate (for which you need to qualify) with the right product that best fits your situation and future goals.

A lower rate won't help you save if you have restrictions that cost you more when you least expect it — for example, if you need to move and your pre-payment penalties are higher than you thought.

We really know mortgages and can quickly find your best solution to help make room in your budget now and hit your mortgage goals over the long term.

Give us a shout. We offer you so many ways to connect with us to save money and time.

We're anywhere you are in Canada — online, over the phone, at a store location or click our chatbot, Morgan. Plus, our mobile brokers can come to you.

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