Proof that our rates are lower.

Comparison charts can be boring. This one isn't — especially if you want to save on your mortgage.

The third-party data shows how we stack up against other banks. Take a look.

We're proud of (your) better rates.

Well, here's the proof of the mortgage pudding. Recently, one of Canada's three large mortgage insurers shared rates-data with us on completed mortgages. The data allows us to see exactly how we stack up against the competition.

TNM/THINK Financial's Lower Rates

On average, our rates are 0.15% below the competition. On a $300,000 mortgage, that means you save $450 per year (after-tax).

That savings of $450 every year can REALLY add up over the life of your mortgage. And in 2022, we've widened the above better-rates spread even more!

These numbers are a direct comparison between True North Mortgage/THINK Financial and the rest of the market. THINK Financial is our exclusive CMHC-approved lending arm, which allows us to offer you even lower rates. We may still get you a better rate from your bank, but the majority of our mortgage deals are now funded by THINK — and the only way to get a THINK Mortgage is through us.

Over the years, the federal government has adjusted the rules (check out the latest mortgage stress-test requirements), so now you need qualify for your best rate. Factors like credit score, property price and down payment ratio can impact your final rate qualification.

Because of these additional factors, it's harder for home buyers to look at posted rates and understand what rate they'll actually be able to get. Our highly-trained mortgage brokers will help you sort it out, AND offer your best qualifying rate (with a smile).

The stats have our back — our better THINK rates help you save more.

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