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Our 5-star service is FREE, and we cover more fees than other brokers. It's just one more reason we're the caped crusaders of the mortgage world.

Vanquishing costs to help you save more.

Here at True North, we've created a world where you pay fewer fees to get your mortgage, and 5-star service reigns supreme — all for the grand price of absolutely nothing.

Our everyday mortgage service for standard and full-featured mortgages comes with ZERO FEES, and we don't charge extra or hidden fees.

Certain fees may apply (for specific products, lenders, or situations) that we're unable to cover. We're transparent about what fees you'll encounter, depending on your needs.

Here's what we don't charge you and typically cover for your mortgage process.

How True North Mortgage handles fees.

For standard and full-featured mortgages (which make up the majority of mortgage transactions we help clients with):

Mortgage Service (Broker Fee)
Our brokers are salaried and non-commissioned, with no hidden costs to match you with a lender.
Appraisal Fee (usually $200-$500)
If required, covered by True North in most cases.
Discharge Fee (usually $100-$400)
For switches, this fee is determined by the previous lender and covered by True North in most cases.
Wire Fee (usually $25)
Covered for THINK Financial mortgages (our brokers have exclusive access to our in-house lender).

What does 'most cases' mean?
Even though True North typically covers these fees, more complex mortgage situations may mean less wiggle room to include these costs, for example, if there are certain time constraints or an appraisal is completed without lender approval.

Other costs may be covered during your mortgage process, depending on your unique situation. Apply with us and find out!

Obsessed with lower rates, fewer fees, and lower penalties.

Our CMHC-approved in-house lender, THINK Financial, offers great rates and full-featured mortgage products that come with fewer fees compared to some lenders. THINK also offers lower penalty calculations compared to Big Banks.

Let's talk about other 'normal' mortgage fees you may see.

Here are some other lender costs that are usually directly associated with your mortgage transaction:

  • Admin and legal fees – Standard or collateral registration on the home's title (home purchase, switch or refinance) can cost from about $600 to over $1500, depending on whether FCT (a title insurance provider) or a lawyer handles your title transfer. Your fee may also depend on whether you have an insured or uninsured mortgage.
  • HELOC setup fee – Home Equity Line of Credit secured by your home equity as part of the mortgage setup process or added later.
  • Non-renewal fee – An admin cost that can be applied for a very-low-rate mortgage if you don't renew with the lender.
  • Pre-payment penalty – Applied by a lender for breaking your term early; a certain amount can sometimes be rolled into your mortgage with the new lender.

You'll also be responsible for other closing costs involved in buying a home, typically handled by a lawyer (if these costs aren't paid, your purchase deal could fall through).

Do we have any control over mortgage closing costs?

A mortgage brokerage like True North doesn't have control over closing costs.

However, we strive to keep you informed of costs every step of the way and help reduce these costs as much as possible through a seamless and timely mortgage process.

We can also recommend trusted professionals, such as realtors and lawyers, to help ensure you're receiving the best advice possible.

What's a wire fee?

Most banks typically hold back $25 on your mortgage fund advancement as a 'wire fee,' even though the actual cost is about a dollar.

We love our CMHC-approved, in-house lender, THINK Financial — because our brokers can eliminate this fee and do the right thing even when no one is looking. That's about $80K a year in revenue given up on behalf of our client's mortgage savings (True North to the rescue!).

What's a non-renewal fee?

The low-fixed rate, short-term Rate Relief™ products, offered by our in-house lender, THINK Financial, come with a non-renewal fee due to the discounted mortgage rate offered.

This admin fee does not apply to other products. It's only charged at the time of transfer if the mortgage is not renewed with THINK (1.0% - 1.5% of the mortgage balance, depending on term length).

Of course, we prefer that you don't pay the non-renewal fee and choose to stay with THINK's great rates and flexible mortgage options.

Alternative mortgage solutions (including private lenders) can come with additional fees.

Due to the complexity of your mortgage application or financial situation (such as varied income sources), additional broker and lender fees may apply.

Please consult your expert True North Mortgage brokeforur details.

Are we your mortgage hero? We sure hope so.

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