Our 3.99% 6-Mo Fixed is the lowest mortgage rate available in Canada.

THINK Financial

It's our in-house mortgage lender. And it gives our clients an advantage.

Better rates and mortgages than your bank? We always say it, because we can actually do it. We cut through the 'bank' tape to offer more direct savings for our Canadian clients.

We're a brokerage, and a lender. It simply helps our clients save more.

"What you think, you become." – Buddha

We think about offering lower mortgage rates all the time (in fact, we're obsessed). And so, with THINK Financial, we became the first mortgage brokerage in Canada to achieve CMHC-approval as a lender.

This important milestone opened the door for our clients to get direct access to better interest rates and more flexible mortgages than they could get at their bank.

Having our own lending arm takes out the 'middle person' to help get rates down even more, and bring up the better mortgage options — all without leaving the True North Mortgage family.

It's an advantage that adds up – in simplicity for your mortgage process and in savings for your mortgage goals.

THINK about it. Our clients save even more than money:

Trusted relationships. That's our formula for success at THINK Financial. We've built our reputation on strong, long-lasting collaborations within the industry and with our clients. That kind of integrity matters – our clients always know that we're here for them.

Even better rates. Our top priority is to get rates as low as they can go, without any funny business like hidden fees or restrictions. Combine that with our broker-volume discount and salaried, non-commissioned staff — and it's a 'win' for client savings.

The most flexible mortgage products. We continue to break new ground with better, more innovative products that respond to client needs.

A simpler process that we like to call 'one-stop' mortgage shopping. Fully integrated with True North Mortgage's expert brokerage services, THINK Financial allows our brokers to complete a quick, seamless mortgage process. In fact, clients who are up against tight deadlines get the deal done faster (and better) through the arm's-reach convenience and tech solutions of THINK Financial.

Options that fit you, not us. THINK Financial adds excellent options for our clients. But our friendly, highly-trained brokers still have access to several other lenders to find the one that best suits their client's unique needs and mortgage goals.

It's a direct line to save thousands, and a wise way to mortgage.

And we're not even close to being done. We continue to be obsessed with low rates and finding even better, more modern mortgage solutions.

Stay tuned for the latest on how we help our Canadian clients save more.

THINK Financial News and Updates

No Commitment Mortgage - Jan 17, 2022

THINK Financial launches its exclusive No Commitment™ Mortgage, an industry first. Here for a limited time, it's a fully-open, low variable-rate product, with no restrictions or penalties.

Rate Relief 6-Month Mortgage – Nov 21, 2022

Offering the lowest rate around (starting from 3.99%), THINK Financial launches Rate Relief™, its exclusive 6-month fixed product for temporary relief from interest rate pain. For new purchases and switches, this limited-time, short-term mortgage helps provide lower payments and a budget break. Conditions and restrictions apply.