Why Do Brokers Hate Us?

It has come to our attention that we may not be other mortgage broker’s favourite people. But it’s not because we don’t play nice. It’s because our rates are really low. To some, uncomfortably low. We’re making waves in our industry and challenging the way things have been done in the past; helping a lot of Canadians along the way. To narrow it down to what makes us stand out, we’ve summed it up so you don’t have to:

Our low rates. Our mortgage brokers can help you handle the higher, sustained real estate prices by providing the lowest current mortgage rates in Canada – even lower than your own bank. Our volume-based rate discount means you can save thousands on your home, income property or vacation investment. We do the heavy lifting for you by searching through multiple vendors to get you the lowest rate with the best terms.

No fees. How can we do this? Our agents are salaried, not commission-based. The lenders pay us, so you don’t have to. We look for the best rate and product that fits your needs, not the best commission. We believe in a process that equates to amazing customer experience. Don’t take our word for it, let our reviews do the talking.

We’re direct to consumer. With our physical locations, we’re able to connect with our customers in real time and compete on availability. So call us, direct message us on social media, or just walk in and come hang with us so we can talk mortgages at any of our 10 locations across Canada.

We are a lender ourselves. Through our certification from Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) we are able to reduce costs and lower rates even further. We believe that by focusing on what makes us different (AKA. innovation > the status quo) allows us to make new rules offer better service at a lower rate. We’re innovating while others are sticking to business as usual.

We control the entire mortgage supply chain. We have real estate relationships allowing us to continue to add value. If you get a mortgage with us, you have access to our partner real estate agents who offer cashback on the purchase from their commission. Completely Free. No catch. We are not only able to give you a great customer experience but also save you money along the way.

So you see, it’s all a matter of perspective. We are proud of what we’ve built and the value we continue to offer our clients. Keep more of your money in your pocket so you can go on that vacation, decorate your new home and ultimately spend more time with those you love.

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