Our 3.99% 6-Mo Fixed is the lowest mortgage rate available in Canada.

Bank vs Broker

Which one is the better choice?

Spoiler alert: it's us. As your salaried, highly-trained broker, we check the banks for you. You'll get your best rate and mortgage fit — with exceptional service. Here's why you can save thousands by coming to us instead of going to your bank.

Have you checked your bank's online reviews? Service isn't their thing. 😬

Why are we a better choice for your mortgage than your bank?

For starters, our exceptional 5-star mortgage service (really) outranks the banks — it's not even close. If people are that frustrated with their service, what does that mean for saving you cash?

Through us, you may end up getting a mortgage with a big bank, but we'll help you save thousands with a better rate and mortgage fit.

We put you first for fast, simple approvals while answering all your questions. You'll find our service and attention to you is second to none. We understand how important it is to get your mortgage right.

How does a big bank approach your mortgage?

An excellent question. Let's take a look.

A big bank is kind of like a 'big box' store. High profile and substantial infrastructure supported by many generalized products to fill their institutional shelves. They have convenient locations, and bank tellers and reps who are employed to juggle several products across the board. But for your mortgage? It's only one aspect of what they offer. They take the 'one-size-fits-all' approach and can't possibly focus on mortgage-only expertise.

Big banks have a lot going on. You're not likely (mostly never) going to be offered the lowest rate possible in the market:

  1. They bank on your loyalty to get your business.
  2. They have a lot of infrastucture to cover costs for, so they can't really offer you a better rate.
  3. They may have mortgage 'specialists,' but they're only able to offer their products, so their advice only goes so far.

At True North Mortgage, we can access several banks on your behalf. You'll get targeted advice PLUS your best rate and the product that fits your situation. No matter the final lender that holds your mortgage, you'll know it's right for you and your current mortgage goals.

Why not just use any independent mortgage broker?

These licensed professionals (make sure they really are licensed!) often don't have a company supporting them. Sure, they have the freedom to check with several lenders, and will likely help you find a better rate.

However, sometimes you don't know who you're really dealing with or what their motivations are. Do they get better commissions from one major lender or the other? Are you getting the best possible lender and rate for your situation? You may not be aware of the connections that an independent broker may have in place.

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Even bank staff come to us for a better rate.

We're not sure the savings benefits you get at True North are any clearer than a bank employee choosing us despite a staff 'rate discount.' This client review is real, and our mortgage savings are, too.

Banks rates are higher. Why pay more when you don't have to?

We offer so many benefits to help you save more.

True North Mortgage gives you real value (that you can take to the bank).

At True North Mortgage, you get the best mortgage experience possible:

  • Physical store locations — 12 stores across Canada (not including client-friendly headquarters and satellite offices) that demonstrate our solid commitment to your better mortgage experience, offering in-person help if that's what you prefer.
  • Highly-trained mortgage brokers — non-commissioned, salaried professionals who have the freedom to check with all lenders on your behalf for your best rate and product.
  • Honest, unbiased advice — your situation is unique and it's important to have trusted advice that focuses on you, not the lender.
  • A simple, fast approval process — even complicated details are handled with ease, in the method you prefer — online, over the phone, or our expert brokers can even come to you.
  • The best tools and tech — our best-in-class digital work keeps things smooth and simple.
  • Unbeatable mortgage service that saves you thousands — mortgages are all we do, and we're here to answer your questions and help you reach your mortgage goals.
  • Access to our in-house lender, THINK Financial — many of our clients prefer the low rates, flexible product options and faster pre-approvals that we offer.

We understand that buying a property or getting a mortgage can be quite stressful. With that in mind, our expert brokers provide honesty, transparency, competitive rates and quick turnaround times for your mortgage solution, and only deal with accredited lenders, including big banks.

Mortgage shoppers, just like you, are choosing our lower rates and unbeatable service.

With our client-focused service model and lower rates, we've become the largest independent mortgage broker in Canada, winning CMP’s Top Brokerage of the Year, as well as many other awards and top lists over the years.

We have the most 5-star reviews in the industry because we care about your better mortgage. Our amazing clients love what we do, and how much we help them save.

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We value trust, so we built stores.

Stop by one of our 12 convenient locations! Or, we make it just as easy to be pre-approved online or over the phone, anywhere you are in Canada. From now on, you don't need to shop the banks for your mortgage, or wonder if a small, independent broker has connections that are costing you more. We're here to help!

Our expert brokers get your best rate — for free.

Talking to us is easy. And because it's free, with no obligation — it's a no-brainer to see how much you can save. We even guarantee that we can find your best rate — if you find a better one, we'll beat it or give you $500.

Not convinced yet that we're better than your bank? Here's an example of a client we recently helped:

Clients we've helped
Bob and Mindy were ready to look for a bigger home for their family — with another baby on the way!

They put their house up for sale and wanted to start looking. They contacted their bank and eventually got their 'best' rate offer, but it seemed high to them. So, they decided to look around for a better rate and called a couple of other banks. They weren't getting an immediate response — but then remembered that a friend had recommended True North Mortgage.

They called True North and were instantly offered a few different rate and product options by one of our expert mortgage brokers, including a much lower rate from a big bank than what they were initially quoted. They were thrilled with their lower rate and how easy we made their pre-approval experience.

Plus, we made sure they had a better mortgage with flexible options to help them save more on fees and penalties later, if they needed another change before renewal.

Thanks True North

Bob and Mindy's story rings true for many of our clients. Read through our reviews for insight on how we've helped Canadian home buyers save a pile of cash.

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Want to save thousands and have an easy, stress-free mortgage choice? That's why we're here!

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