Bank vs Broker

December 18, 2015

One common question out there is, "Should I choose a bank or a broker to get my mortgage?"

Well, that is a very good question. The banks are the 'brand' names of the industry. They have convenient locations and bank representatives that are professionally managed. They don't charge fees, but since they rely primarily on their brand names and only offer one product they are almost never going to offer you the lowest rate in the market.

How about the brokers then? They will definitely help you find a better rate, however sometimes you don’t know who you are dealing with or what their motivations are.

Well, there is a simple answer to all these questions. Why not choose the benefit of both?

At True North Mortgage, we have convenient locations across Canada and all mortgage agents are salaried professional mortgage agents. We understand that buying a property or getting a mortgage can be stressful. With that in mind, our experience mortgage agents can provide you a mortgage solution with honesty, transparency, competitive rates and quick turnaround times. All of which are done through AAA National Mortgage lenders or one of the Big Banks.

With all the above reasons, we became the largest independent mortgage broker in Canada and we were nominated for CMP’s Broker of the Year, CMP’s “Hot 50” and Profit 200 fastest growing companies from 2010-2015.

From now on, you do not need to go to all the banks to shop around for your mortgage, let our agents do it for you - we will shop multiple lenders including your own bank. With our huge mortgage volume we are able to offer bigger discounts then other brokers without any fees.

Here’s a quick client story:

A client was ready to purchase a new home as his family was growing and they needed a bigger house with another baby on the way. He went to their existing bank to advise they have sold their existing home and are ready to purchase a new home and wanted to best rate they could offer. The bank quoted their rates and the client wasn’t all that happy. So he started looking for other options by calling other banks and then remembered a friend had worked with True North Mortgage. He called and spoke with one of True North’s experienced mortgage agents who was able to offer a few different rate options, one of which included a big bank that he had previously called to ask about their rate and was quoted much higher. The client was thrilled and proceed with True North Mortgage as his mortgage provider.

True North Mortgage - great rates – awesome service - no fees! We have locations across Canada. Find A Location Near You.

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