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Provincial Taxes and Benefits

All the Canadian area-specific fees, taxes and rebates in one place.

Whether it's your first home or next home — check out the list for what may impact you. Please note that these details are subject to change (we'll do our best to keep it updated).

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Provincial Taxes and Benefits Provincial Taxes

Every (home-buying) dollar counts.

Along with the closing costs involved in buying your home, there are provincial or municipal charges to think about.

There may also be support available — many (but not all) provinces offer the opportunity to get a tax credit or rebate (in addition to federal ones), depending on eligibility and home price.

First-time buyers often have the most rebates available. Check the list, then talk to a friendly True North Mortgage for your specific details.


Rebates or Benefits


Standardized document: AREA Residential Purchase Contract


Rebates or Benefits


Land Titles Office may allow a person entitled to administer oaths to witness the transfer without swearing an affidavit of execution (case-by-case basis).

New Brunswick

Newfoundland & Labrador

Rebates or Benefits

Northwest Territories

Rebates or Benefits


Rebates or Benefits



Must use a notary, not a lawyer.

There is a legal warranty against latent defects, meaning compensation can be granted to the buyer (after the home is sold) for significant hidden defects.


Rebates or Benefits

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