Our 3.99% 6-Mo Fixed is the lowest mortgage rate available in Canada.

The No Commitment Mortgage

Commitment issues? Have we got a mortgage product for you.

Welcome to mortgage freedom. An open mortgage offered at a great variable rate. No restrictions. Or penalties. Just a lot of flexibility with your stress-free mortgage relationship.

An open mortgage that can set you free.

It was a Canadian first (offered in 2022) — and it's back.

Our exclusive No Commitment Mortgage™ is a great variable-rate product that can simplify your home-buying experience while saving you a pile of cash.

Here's what this product offers you:

  • Lower variable rate for a fully open mortgage
  • Variable rates as low as 6.45% (P- 0.50%)
  • Flexibility with no penalties or restrictions
  • For new purchases and switches
  • Insured and conventional mortgages are eligible
  • Only offered as a 5-year ARM (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage)
  • Exclusively available from our in-house lender, THINK Financial, for a limited time

“Finally an open mortgage with a stellar rate and no strings… now here's a mortgage I've never seen in my 14 years in the business... get it while it's hot."

– Robert McLister, The Globe and Mail, Jan. 12, 2022

Pay it. Lock it. Break it. Change it. You have the freedom to mortgage now, make decisions later with a MUCH lower variable rate than any other open mortgage out there. (Note: You're not free from having to pay your regular mortgage payments, like any other mortgage loan. Nice try, though.)

Don't worry, be happy — about saving all the money while having all the freedom.

"'It’s an ideal fit for someone who’s sitting on the fence and can’t decide which kind of mortgage to get,' according to Dan Eisner, True North Mortgage's CEO."
Robert McLister, The Globe and Mail

Buying a house or renewing your mortgage can be stressful enough without the pressure of choosing the right mortgage rate or product. Now, you can buy your home with the No Commitment Mortgage, and worry about those 'other' mortgage details later.

No more having to choose right away between a fixed or variable or open or closed mortgage. Our new, open, great-variable-rate mortgage product means that you can make a change at any point during your term, penalty free.

Apply now or talk to your expert True North Mortgage broker — they'll help you choose the best rate and mortgage product for your financial goals.

Pay it.

Want to pay more down, to pay off your mortgage faster? Yep, you can do that anytime. You have the flexibility to pay as much as you want, whenever you want. Increase your monthly payments, pay down lump sums — you have no restrictions or penalties during your No Commitment Mortgage term. Wow, what a feeling! In fact, you can pay off your mortgage entirely during your term. No penalties. Just a nice, tingly feeling that we like to call 'true mortgage freedom.'

Lock it.

You can lock into a fixed mortgage rate or a closed variable at anytime during your term. No penalties or fees. What's that you're feeling? Oh right. It's called 'no worries.'

Break it.

If, for some reason, you want to transfer your mortgage to another lender (and pay more, but whatever) — you have the freedom to do that, no penalties. We'll miss you, of course.

Change it.

Need to refinance at any point during your No Commitment Mortgage term? Sure, no problem. Your expert broker can outline your details to make the change. No penalties from us. Just lots of happiness over your mortgage freedom. Want to make another change later? That's an affirmative. (Pause here for that 'aha-moment' to sink in).

We have your best product fit to help you save a pile of cash.

We're obsessed with providing you with better rates, better mortgage choices and unbeatable, 5-star service — to the tune of over $20B in funded mortgages so far. Our happy clients leave us happy words (read through just some of the reviews here), which help keep us on track and love our jobs.

We make it easy to get a better mortgage, anywhere you are in Canada — online, over the phone, through our chat bubble, or at one of our 12 convenient store locations across Canada.

And, we're standing by. Give us a shout, today.

*Approval based on standard lender requirements and federal mortgage stress test qualification; may not be available in all locations.

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