Rate Relief™ now from 3.99%

Lowest Fixed Rate in Canada, 6-Month Mortgage

Rate Relief

Temporary relief from interest-rate pain.

Now available on True North Mortgage shelves.

Without treatment, you may be struggling with the pain of higher mortgage rates.

Rate Relief™ is a limited-time mortgage solution offered by in-house lender, THINK Financial. It treats your budget pain with 6 months of lower payments while you get settled into your new mortgage.

"There is no lower rate in Canada. The product appears to have no unusual restrictions other than those noted here; Think Financial will guarantee your rate for 120 days after you apply."
Robert McLister, The Globe and Mail, November 16, 2022

Reported beneficial side effects:

  • Works 24/7 for a full 6 months (from date of funding)
  • Reduced principal inflammation compared to current rate (more of your payment goes to principal)
  • Decreased anxiety due to easier budgeting from improved cash flow
  • Improved motivation to make small home updates, like adding blinds or a nice picture
  • Increased relaxation while getting used to lower payments

Rate Relief™ may be right for you, if:

  • You're buying a home or looking to switch at renewal
  • Your mortgage is insured or insurable
  • You're looking for a short-term, low-rate option
  • Your home value is below $1M, or your original mortgage default insurance is still valid (through CMHC, Canada Guaranty or Sagen)
  • Your amortization is 25 years or less
  • You still want a full-featured mortgage with your lower rate

New-home symptoms may include extra budget pain from closing costs (such as lawyer fees, utilities and property taxes) and moving-related expenses. Rate Relief™ may be right for you.


At the end of your term, you'll have the option to renew into any term with THINK Financial without penalty. Renewing into a regular product at current rates means your rate will be higher than this 6-month product. Rate offered at renewal may carry an added premium. Tell your broker about your current mortgage details as this may impact your application.

As the Rate Relief™ product is deeply discounted, if you choose not to renew with THINK Financial, a 1% administration fee will apply.

This 6-month rate-relief prescription is only available through True North Mortgage. Speak to your expert True North broker for more details and to see if this product fits your situation (you can also apply online through our application and a broker will contact you shortly during business hours).

Read more about the qualification and product details.

"If you check the boxes, it may be worth [it]. That’s assuming you don’t mind trusting that Think Financial will give you a good renewal rate. That’s probably a reasonable assumption for a company that pioneered interest-rate 'buydowns.'"
– Robert McLister, The Globe and Mail, November 16, 2022

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Rate Relief™ is brought to you by the innovative minds behind one of Canada's top mortgage brokers, True North Mortgage. Obsessed with offering lower rates and better products, they'll help you save thousands with a stress-free process, with salaried brokers who care about your best mortgage experience.

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