Krista Meckelborg

Krista Meckelborg

Marketing Manager

My fascination with the home-buying process started at an early age when I dreamed of what my own home might look like. That likely started me down the path to gaining ground in finances, mortgages, and now mortgage-industry marketing.

With a degree in Marketing, working with one of the big banks as a Financial Advisor, and years of broker experience right here at True North Mortgage, I'm focused on the inner workings of what clients need when buying their dream home — and I truly believe in what we deliver for our clients' mortgage experience.

I take care of marketing strategy and tactics, along with helping our expert brokers deliver the message to reach our clients and help them save thousands with a simple, stress-free process.

I'm always looking for outside partners to engage with True North messaging through sales, media, and leadership connections. Contact me today!