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Uday Subbaiya Vasu

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I joined True North Mortgage in June 2018. Prior to that, I gained experience in financial services through my association with CIBC for over three years. During that period, I was promoted three times, in large part due to the exceptional service I provided to my clients. I'm very passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and I work very hard to help them do just that. As a first home buyer myself, I know the excitement that homeownership brings, and I want my clients to have that same experience.

Prior to joining True North Mortgage, I also worked as an independent mortgage broker. But here, I know my mission aligns with theirs, in my passion for helping people save money and time with their best mortgage solution.

No matter what your mortgage needs are, I'm here to help you with a stress-free mortgage process. Contact me today!

We could not have asked for better service or gotten a better rate than we did through True North Mortgage. Our mortgage was up for renewal just as Covid-19 was turning into an international crisis. Our mortgage specialist Uday Vasu provided stellar service and helped us navigate what would have been otherwise a difficult process. He was attentive throughout and responded to all our questions immediately. We would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family. What stood out most was the excellent customer service!

– Wylie, TrustPilot

Thank you for doing such a terrific job securing re-financing for me. You got me an excellent rate that was competitive with the very best offers out there, and came up with a very smart financing strategy that let me refinance even though there were lot of challenges which you handled for me! Your personal attention to our financing was great value add to your services. You answered every question we had, and identified important items for our review which were truly and highly appreciated. I can not thank you enough for assisting us in the mortgage refinancing process. It couldn't have been any less painless. It was a pleasure doing business with you! I have been so impressed by your thoroughness, detail and consideration. I would be happy to be a reference for you if needed. Thank you again for such a great experience.

– Shabbir, TrustPilot

For my mortgage renewal, I shopped around the banks, finally decided to go with TN Mortgage. Uday Vasu, a big thanks for providing an amazing rate without much hassle. He was exceptional in getting things done. He is very friendly and a knowledgable person. I'll definitely recommend you. Thank you, Uday!!!

– Arun, TrustPilot