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Client File #1053
We received a call from a very anxious client located here in Calgary. He had just 2 days to waive his financing condition and TD bank just told him they wouldn't provide him with a mortgage, even through they had already pre-approved him. TD claims that they didn't realize he was new to Canada. Turns out, TD did him a favour. We packaged the file and sent it to Maple Trust. We had full approval within 8 hours and all conditions met within 36 hours. Best of all, the rate was 0.25% better than what TD was originally offering him.

Client File #1063
We received an application from a client living in Edmonton. She and her husband fell in love with their dream home and really wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, given their current income, they could not afford the mortgage needed. They had great credit and good stable jobs but their bank just could not approve a mortgage of the size needed. After the clients called us, we quickly determine that a 35 year amortization would reduce the monthly payments enough to make the deal work. The clients ended up getting their dream home at a great rate. Also, if they earn additional income in the future they could always increase their monthly payments to order to reduce their amortization.