Realtor Mortgage Fraud Uncovered

High standards help to detect mortgage fraud.

A recent CTV Saskatoon report details how two Saskatchewan realtors faked paperwork to get mortgages approved for clients — and were caught and charged. TNM's own Chirag Mehta is interviewed for comments about the importance of dealing with this type of fraud.

Be alert and wary when buying a home.

Owning a home comes with responsibilities — but one of them shouldn't be having to take on a risk of fraudulent documents used to obtain a mortgage approval.

A recent uptick in this type of mortgage fraud across Canada has home buyers and lenders on alert. Be wary of anyone offering to charge you extra fees for documents or to misrepresent your details when buying a home.

Watch the video clip above for more information on this CTV Saskatoon story, reported by Laura Woodward. Or read the article here:

Top-selling Sask. realtors faked paperwork to get mortgages approved for clients, policy say

True North Mortgage's continual efforts to detect mortgage fraud were included in this CBC Marketplace episode (aired in October 2022):

Mortgage Fraud Exposed by CBC Marketplace

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