Bank of Canada makes its move.

First rate increase since the pandemic onset is now in the books.

Overnight lending rate moves up a notch from its 'emergency low' position. What does it mean for your variable rate mortgage?

We all knew it was coming. Make sure your mortgage plan isn't waving in the wind.

Today, the Bank of Canada (BoC) increased its overnight-lending rate from 0.25% to 0.50% (by 25 basis points; there are 100 basis points in a percentage point). This increase is warmly welcomed by our country's financial experts who look to the central bank to pour some cold water on our 'hot potato' housing market. The BoC rate increase will affect the prime rate that lenders set for variable rate loans, such as mortgages and credit lines.

With variable rates at all-time lows for months now, those with variable-rate mortgages may suddenly feel new concern about their monthly mortgage payments — and wondering if or when a move into a fixed rate may be in order.

Variable rates are still very low.

The BoC rate was at 1.75% before the pandemic hit in early 2020. Many experts are suggesting that the BoC will pursue a target 'neutral rate' of at least 1.75-2.0% within the next year or two, with intent to neither dampen nor spur the economy at that rate. Of course, no one has a crystal ball to know where rates will eventually end up, or how economic factors (like high inflation) may interfere. But there's still room before reaching pre-pandemic rate levels.

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