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True North Mortgage - Calgary - Intact Place

With three Calgary mortgage broker locations, True North Mortgage brings you the best of the bank and mortgage broker, all in a easy to find store front locations.

Through exceptional and unified support, we will provide our customers with an easy, cost-effective and timesaving way to obtain a mortgage.

We will strive to be the better solution to big banks and independent mortgage brokers. We are committed to establishing strong relationships, with both customers and accredited lenders, in order to do the best for our customer’s ongoing residential mortgage needs.

Visit our Calgary mortgage broker location at Intact Place, Downtown Calgary.

This store was opened in 2008.

Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and Gujarati

Check out our Calgary mortgage rates.

True North Mortgage - Intact Place

311 - 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB, T2P 3H2

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My wife and I worked with Nalie and we couldn't be happier with her service or with the outstanding mortgage she helped us secure. Nalie was very efficient, answering all of our questions during the pre-approval and post-approval phases of the process. She laid out all our mortgage options, explained the pros and cons of each, and made sure we understood the small details as well. The application process was quick and we had our pre-approval within 2 days. The rate that Nalie and TNM helped us secure was significantly better than anything our bank would offer, truly no comparison! We have recommended Nalie already and will continue to do so in the future.

- Jesse from Alberta, April 2017

Thank you for all your help, extra work and for keeping us updated about what is going on. It is such a pleasure to work with you!

- Aleksey and Katia, December 2016

Good Morning Sandy, Seeing how great True North has been to me and my parents with the mortgages, I have cc'd my colleague Ali in this email who is looking to get an idea for how much he'd be eligible for and what rates, and I couldn't recommend him anyone else but True North. I hope you can provide him with the same exceptional rates and experience as I received.

- Mohit from Alberta, November 2016

I was skeptical about applying for a mortgage with a Company that I am 800km away from. But let me tell you it was the BEST decision I have every made when it came to Mortgage renewal. I made the phone call and was greeted by a wonderful agent name SANDY WU. She made this experience worth sharing with everyone.The whole process was very quick. If I had questions she was just a phone call away and answered every question. I will definitely be using them in the future and I always tell friends and family about my awesome experience with True North Mortgage.

- Ryan from Alberta, October 2016

It was my pleasure to write a review and post it on Facebook. Your high level of professionalism, strong work ethic and clear communication were all appreciated. Lori and I are grateful for all of your time and effort. Much appreciated!

- Nick from Calgary, March 2016

Nalie Nguyen was awesome to deal with throughout the entire mortgage renewal process, as I was switching from one lender to a new lender. Nalie's level of professionalism is something that is really hard to find these days. She sent me email updates regularly during the process, and also answered and returned my phone calls promptly when I had questions. I would most definitely go and see Nalie again for any other mortgage needs that I may have in the future. I highly recommend her.

- Todd from Alberta, March 2016

My family and I already moved to our new house a week ago. We would really like to say THANK YOU one more time for everything you have done for us. We are quite busy with unpacking but we are so happy. Also, because we are so happy with the service you provided us and because I talk around my office about you, one of my good friend will be in touch for your assistance, I’m sure you are the right person to help him. Thank you Sandy and we'll keep in touch!

- Roberto from Calgary, October 2015

Thank you so much, that was really quick! I just wanted to thank you too for all your help in the past 5-6 months, you are awesome! I'll definitely be recommending True North to anyone I know who is looking at buying.

- Michelle from Calgary, September 2015

Thank you so much Sandy, You've been great throughout this process, and you made it much easier than we thought.

- Michael & Meggie from Calgary, Aug 2015

Thank you Sandy for your understanding and we appreciate the way you deal with us. You'll be the first one we'll contact should the bank fall short. Thanks again!

- Martin and Astrid from Calgary, August 2015

Sandy, My wife and I are very thankful to you and your company for completing this process. I shall definitely be in touch with you in future and recommend your name to my friends and relatives, if they will be interested for housing mortgage.

- Deepak & Manpreet from Calgary, July 2015

Thanks Nalie! Really a great experience. I can see why my brother so highly recommended you. Thanks again.

- Manny from Alberta, July 2015

Please accept my sincere appreciation for getting this completed in an expedited manner. I will be recommending you and your firm's excellent service to all my friends.

- Ananth from Calgary, April 2015

Thank you again for your professionalism and your quick response to my emails and phone calls, it made my job easy and stress free. Nobody has matched or even beaten the rate we have. My wife and I are very happy. I will be in touch in 5 years.I am sure True North Mortgage will still be around. I hope you will still be with them Nalie.

- Paul & Helen from Calgary, April 2015

I want to let you know that you have made this process so easy for me. I have dealt with many mortgage organizations and I have never been treated so respectful and professional as you have been. I really appreciate it.

- Rod from Calgary, March 2015

Thank you so much Sandy for all the help! It’s been a pleasant experience working with you for the mortgage. You have been very helpful.

- Mel and Victoria from Calgary, February 2015

The results are fantastic. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Nalie. You have saved us, and it has truly been a pleasure working with you as well. I won't hesitate to recommend your services to whomever may need them.

- Tammy from Calgary, January 2015

Thanks Nalie! You have been extremely helpful with your timely dedicated and professional work on our mortgage. I would have no trouble recommending you (and TN Mortgage) to anyone. Thanks again!

- Mikel from Calgary, January 2015

Yeah! You are making this so easy! I am so impressed! I will be sure to share my experince with my coworkers...we launched the communication about True North to the company. Thank you very much!

- Cheryl from Calgary, November 2014

Sandy, you were a pleasure to talk to and work with and thanks for hanging in there with us to get this all done!!! Much appreciated!!!!! You were always there when we needed were very quick with any responses whether by email or phone and we truly appreciate your professionalism and work ethic! We wish you continued success in all that you do!!.

- Dorothy from Calgary, November 2014

Hi Sandy – thank you so much for your help through this. Above and beyond service!

- Chuck from Calgary, November 2014

Excellent job Sandy, Thank you for everything, that was amazing to work with you in such an efficient manner.

- Durval from Calgary, October 2014

Thank you so much Nalie. I truly appreciate you going above and beyond to help us. If I can be of assistance with feedback or a customer referral, I would be pleased to share how fantastic your service and approach was. Thank you again for a great experience and making this difficult transaction happen.

- Wayde from Saskatoon, October 2014

Thank you very very much. We really appreciate your help. You are just awesome and very professional.

- Germann & Mary from Calgary, October 2014

Thanks for all your help Sandy! I will definitely recommend True North in the future to my friends because of its competitive rate and excellent service.

- Lucy from Calgary, September 2014

Nalie, thanks so much for your help. You were very thorough and have excellent communication skills. Appreciate it very much.

- Kelly from Calgary, September 2014

Nalie, thanks so much for all of your help over the past couple of weeks. You were so helpful and made this experience great.

- Tori from Calgary, September 2014

Nalie, You have been a great help with a bright smile and lots of patience. I sincerely appreciated your time and effort to assist me with this transaction. Without your help I would have been lost and frustrated. I will definitely recommend True North but mostly yourself to others seeking the same as I did. Thanks a bunch and all the best to you.

- George from Calgary, August 2014

I have to say its been such an easy process for renewing my mortgage with you handling it. I thought it was going to be a daunting process so I really appreacite it.

- Sarah from Calgary, August 2014

Nalie Nguyen has provided fantastic advice and service. This is my first house mortgage and I'm glad I came to Nalie. These are some qualities I noticed about Nalie: Very quick to respond, and always there when you need her. She helped me to understand all the terms inside the mortgage commitment letter which I found difficult to understand. She is professional and extremely competent. She helped me to get the best mortgage rate. I would sincerely recommend her as a mortgage broker as she is truly excellent at what she does. My fiancé and I will move to our new house next month, and it's 100% as a result of the hard work, high work ethic and standard that Nalie possess. THANK YOU, Nalie; you made a significant difference in our lives. I give her, 5 out of 5 points.

- Sandeep from Calgary, August 2014

Thanks for the excellent news and your support through this whole process. You were a pleasure to deal with and will certainly recommend to anyone else looking to buy :).

- Ryan from Calgary, July 2014

After dealing with BMO, and speaking briefly with the other person at True North, I just wanted to let you know that in comparison you have been amazing to work with and incredibly helpful. We can’t thank you enough for everything and will most definitely be recommending your services to anyone we know looking for a mortgage. It has been such a relief to work with someone as knowledgeable, helpful and customer service oriented as yourself. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you ever need a reference for anything!

- Janice from Calgary, July 2014

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your sincere efforts. You have proved that what you say, you do.

- Omar from Calgary, July 2014

I would like to say thank you for all your effort and assistance in getting me a mortgage lender. In the future, I will come to you again and I'll recommend you to others. Thanks

- Augustin from Calgary, July 2014

Sandy, thank you soooooo much for all your help!! You did an amazing job! Our home mortgage will be up for renewal next May. Looking forward to working with you again.

- Revatee from Calgary, June 2014

Thank you Sandy. I got a great service and on top of it I am getting a share of the realtor’s commission. It can’t get better than this.

- Henry from Calgary, May 2014

Thanks a lot Nalie. You've made this first home buy very easy for me! I will send more business your way if it comes up!

- Marc from Calgary, May 2014

Hi Nalie, thank you so much for helping me out with my refinancing mortgage application. You did an awesome job and I was so fortunate to come across True North Mortgage. What a wonderful brokerage company! Truly impressed with your service and will recommend it to all of my friends and co-workers!

- Amira from Calgary, January 2014

Thank you very much for all your help Nalie and for holding my hand through all the snags! Looking forward to moving in!

- Jake from Toronto, January 2014

I can't thank you enough for the help you have provided me and my family. I truly wish you all the best. I promise if I know someone needing financial help, I will refer them to you. Thank you so much for all the hard work.

- Haithem from Calgary, January 2014

Thank you again for all your help... Definitely couldn't have done it without you :) I will definitely recommend True North Mortgage to friends and family for the best rates.

- Daniel from Calgary, January 2014

Thank-you so much for all of your help on this deal. I really appreciated your fast and friendly service.

- Laura from Calgary, July 2013

Sandy, You are so efficient, prompt, and helpful. Please tell your boss you deserve a raise….professional and friendly is a winning combo

- Jenny from Calgary, April 2013

... thank-you so much for simply keeping the ball rolling - you are an awesome broker! I really appreciate all that you've done. Once again Sandy, thanks for all your efforts, time and patience.

- Myles from Calgary, March 2013

I was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the mortgage process was completed. I appreciate all your help in this significant transition. Your efforts made my life easier during a stressful time – Much appreciated!

- Myles,