Kelly Porter

Kelly Porter

Mobile Mortgage Broker

Dealing with an Expert
Mortgage Brokers act as a transaction facilitator between you and the lender, offer products from multiple lenders, are not employed by a specific lender and the best part is there is no fee to you.

Improve Time Management
While having access to over 50 Lenders, (Banks, Trust Companies, Investors, Alternative and Private Lenders) I can eliminate the need for you to be shopping for the lowest rate. My pre-qualification means you know exactly how much you can offer on any home. Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, renewing, investing or switching your mortgage, whether you are salaried, hourly or self-employed, good or less than perfect credit, let it be on your terms.

Save Money
Mortgage rates are not one size fits all. By “tendering” your mortgage to various lenders, you will receive the lowest rates. Our negotiated discounts could be more than 2.75% lower than the banks own posted rates, not to mention, you may qualify for additional quick close discounts. Get all the pre-payment privileges you are a custom to or even qualify for a larger home.

One-Stop Service
Your application will be processed immediately with the use of only one credit bureau. Your approval will include terms, conditions and options designed for you, chosen by you for your family. Additionally, at your request, I can provide you with appraisers, home inspectors, solicitors, insurance agents and realtors.

Expert Advice
There are several factors that affect what rate you will be able to get from the lender. The type of lending company you use, your credit rating, the length of the mortgage, job stability, fixed or variable rate, I have the mortgage that’s right for you. You will receive personal service from Kelly Porter, a Mortgage Professional with 20 years of financial services experience.