About Salar

After many years of owning a real estate brokerage, I am proud to be able to help clients from the beginning to end of the home purchase process. With my brokerage Envision Realty and True North Mortgage, I can help Torontonians explore, identify, pursue and finance for the best possible real estate opportunities in this great city we love.

Educating clients and helping them find the right product and rate is my focus and goal. I strive to make securing a mortgage as convenient and transparent as possible. My experience as a realtor helps me understand the challenges clients face when looking for and understanding financing. I can fully realise the process from the moment a client gets pre-approved, to the moment they receive the keys to their home. I want to make sure my clients are well informed and get the best possible rate, as any mortgage is a huge commitment.

True North Mortgage’s commitment to low rates and exceptional support perfectly aligned with my vision. It is my honour to represent and work with them in my community.