I have had a very successful career in the financial industry for more than 41 years. I am grateful for each and every day that I able to work in an industry that I am so very passionate about. Where I can make such a positive difference in people’s lives by making homeownership dreams come true. I am honoured to be part of your journey as these moments in our lives are life change experiences. It is my pleasure to pass on as much and education as I can to my new and existing clients about finance as well as what the mortgage market. I love walking my clients through the whole process step by step while educating them on what to expect next, what they should be doing or feeling and making myself accessible to them as much as possible. This important step of the process will reduce your stress and make your feel more confident in the decisions that you will make.

No matter if this is your first home or your third time through this experience and process, your anxiety will always go up when you sign an Offer to Purchase on a property. This is a natural feeling, you may feel very overwhelmed, but I will always be there to help you and explain everything and answer all your questions you may have. There are many features in place to protect you and your money through the whole process of purchasing a property. It is very important to me that all my clients have a memorable and positive experience from start to finish.

I believe every client experience I encounter is unique and one of a kind. Once I understand all your financial needs then I can assist you in finding a mortgage product that fits into your world with options to choose from. Each client has their own story and listening to your story helps me get to know you and guides me in presenting the correct mortgage products to suit all their needs.

I also have experience and knowledge in Financial Planning as well as Estate Planning that I can pass along to my clients. Decisions we make today greatly impact our future, that is why I like to offer my clients options within the mortgage products that they have chosen. It is important to protect your assets and yourselves against unexpected things that life sometimes throws our way which in turns gives you great peace of mind.

I am honoured that I can pass on all that I have learned and experienced over the years to my clients and build new relationships with such wonderful people. The biggest compliment I receive in my industry is when existing clients refers their friends and family members to me so they can have the same positive experience they had and were excited enough to tell other people about it… Here’s to Making Dreams Come True !!

Kindly Sandi