Stuart Driedger

Stuart Driedger

Mobile Mortgage Broker

I am a focused and experienced financial professional who aims to provide clients with the best service possible. I’ve helped hundreds of clients buy their first home, renew their existing mortgage, pull equity out for a major renovation or purchase, and I have funded many rental properties.

My career transitioned from the big banking institutions to becoming a leader in the independent financial services field for over 8 years. I also hold my full life license and have an important fiduciary responsibility to put my client's needs before my own.

I excel at taking the stress and worry out of the home buying process by helping my clients through every part of the process, and educating them to make decisions from a place of knowledge and confidence.

Contact me today at (431) 341-2100 to start a conversation or hit the “Apply With Me” button at the top of the page, and I’ll call you!