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Times (and rates) are a changin.'

Rate increases are coming in faster than we've seen in a while. If you're thinking about buying a home or refinancing, or your renewal is coming up — contact us today to make them stop in mid-air (for a little while, anyway).

Rates are blasting off.

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Fixed rates have seen several lender increases in the past few weeks (tied to quickly rising bond yields). And variable rates, tied to the latest Bank of Canada prime rate increases, are seeing less in 'discounts' in offers to mortgage seekers. All indications point to more increases coming in the next weeks and months ahead.

If you're thinking about buying a home or renewing or refinancing soon, what does that mean for you?

We'll all need to adjust to these rising rates, whether we own a mortgage or are about to get into one. Even a small increase in your mortgage rate can make a difference in your home affordability and how much you expect to pay over your mortgage term.

Where will rates be in a month? Or four?

This many incremental fixed-rate increases makes us wonder how quickly they'll continue to inch up. You could try to wait it out, but if they're on the move, it indicates that lenders are trying to stay on top of the costs of holding your mortgage.

Right now, there's still a wide spread between the 5-year variable versus fixed rate, but again, with fixed rates on the rise, it means lenders expect variable rates to eventually follow in their wake. Lenders want to compete for your mortgage dollars, but they also want (and need) to make money with rates that keep pace with volatile economic factors.

Where will rates be in a year or two? An early renewal may work for you.

Do you still have a year or two left on your mortgage term? If you think rates will be that much higher in a year or two, it may make sense to renew now for another term, instead of waiting. Even with pre-payment penalties, you may come out ahead to save a lot more. Talk to us, and we'll walk you through to show you the money.

We're on a rocket ride. Your expert broker can hold your hand — and your best rate.

Even if you're thinking about possibly (maybe) going house-hunting, it doesn't hurt to reach out to us now. An expert True North Mortgage broker can do a quick pre-approval to HOLD YOUR BEST RATE for up to 4 months (depending on the lender) while you think about it. It's free, no-obligation, and we make it simple.

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