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True North Mortgage, through THINK Financial, is happy to announce that we have partnered with Zero Mortgage in order to provide Canadians with access to financing that meets specific religious requirements. Zero Mortgage has gathered some of the leading industry international scholars who have certified the documents and the funding process. Zero Mortgage also maintains the highest standards by following the established standards set by international organizations. Whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing, True North Mortgage can provide you with funding while satisfying your religious requirements.

Zero Mortgage can be contact at 416.777.ZERO (9376).

The Musharakah Agreement is always the initial contract. Clients will also be signing a Diminishing Musharakah Agreement (Declining Home Partnership Agreement) with Zero Mortgage.

True North Mortgage and THINK Financial have signed a corporate agreement with Zero Mortgage whereby we have acknowledged the process and agreed that in the case of late payment fees, we will annually assess and deduct the administration costs associated with the late payment and will donate the remainder to charity.  Also, in the case of default, we have agreed to not take advantage of the client’s distress by giving Zero Mortgage the opportunity to assess and handle the resolution of the default. This will be applied within the process of power of sale, foreclosure or other default proceeding on our mortgage. THINK Financial will make efforts with industry groups and regulators with whom it may have dealings to develop and accommodate alternative financial product structures over time, and as appropriate, it will consider changes which are possible to the alternative financial structure to meet the needs of clients for this product.

We understand the need for all Canadians to have access to home financing that meets their personal religious requirements. It is important that all Canadians have the ability to call themselves a homeowner.

We are enthusiastic about this product and hope to provide future products with Zero Mortgage to meet all your needs.

Dan Eisner

CEO, True North Mortgage