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The ‘Right Arm’ of True North is TN Realty.  Our team at TNR is the best in the industry and will work with you to track down your dream home, negotiate a great deal, and we give you a sweet cash rebate when your purchase closes.  How do TNR and TNM link together?  Here’s a brief summary and some FAQ’s from our clients:

How does TN Realty and True North Mortgage link together?

The first time I spoke with Matt, our Managing Broker at TNR, his passion for the industry and why he does what he does on a daily basis was evident.  I asked him what the advantages are having a Mortgage Brokerage and Real Estate Brokerage working so closely together under the same umbrella. He said “It is a very seamless experience for the client - our realtors and mortgage brokers have solid relationships and open lines of communication (uncommon for mortgage brokers and realtors) - this translates to a more efficient experience for the client without the delays and errors that often happen when they are being bounced between other Realtors and mortgage brokers.” And just like the TNM Mortgage Brokers, our realtors are paid a salary, (not 100% commission like almost all other realtors) so clients won’t feel any pressure during the process of buying a home. “Our Realtors are more like professional real estate consultants, rather than your cliché commissioned salesperson.”

True North is about commitment and quality. Yes, we advertise unbeatable mortgage interest rates and an industry-leading cash rebate, but we are so much more.  Our True North Mortgage brokers grind hard to find financial solutions with an honest and ethical approach, as well as do our True North Realty Realtors, not only help find the perfect property but making sure our clients are well educated and completely protected in the transaction. We create relationships where our clients trust our interests are in helping them. Our TNR clients are those who no longer want the traditional real estate model. Our clients are those seeking real estate professionals who are experienced, knowledgeable, patient, efficient, and understanding.

TNM has earned a reputation for being an industry leader in customer service and customer satisfaction with the most 5 star reviews in the industry - when the referral to TNR comes from their colleagues at TNM, the client can be confident that this excellent service will continue to TNR.

What are the most FAQ’s by Buyers?

Q: Is there any cost to me to use a realtor to help me find and purchase a home? 

A: No, just the opposite... we pay you. The sellers pay the commissions, and we pay you the equivalent of 30% of our commission as a cash rebate after closing.

Q: How can I figure out what a place is actually worth? How can I be assured that I’m getting a good deal?

A: Your TNR realtor has done hundreds of transactions and is an expert in analyzing comparable sales data to figure out what a property is worth, down to the penny. We help explain these analytics in an easy to understand way, so you are confident that you are not over-paying for your new home or investment property. We are expert negotiators and can confidently advise you what tactics will get you the best possible deal on your property of focus.

Q: What extra costs do I need to plan for during the home buying process? 

A: You should budget for $400-500 for a home inspection and around $1500 for legal fees, also if you’re buying a condo, you should budget around $300 for a professional condominium document review. Land transfer taxes are applicable in some provinces. One of the biggest benefits of working with TNR is the cash back rebate you receive that can help offset these costs!

Q: How long does the whole home buying process usually take? 

A: Anywhere from 30-90 days is the norm, but even if you’re not planning on buying for several months it’s never too early to get the process started. Getting a mortgage pre-approval is very important early on. 


We strongly believe in the integrity of the True North brand and are always focused on the quality of the service we provide our clients.  The True North Advantage combines TNM’s lowest mortgage rates in Canada with an exceptional cash back rebate for you to enjoy when you purchase your next home with TNR

We are excited to offer unbeatable value and expertise to our clients, we genuinely enjoy our jobs, we like our peers, and we are energized by the amazing feedback we get from clients.  We never take for granted that we are helping our clients with the single most important financial decision they will make in their lives.  We are excited to be a part of an ongoing Canadian business success story. 


Note: Rules and guidelines are subject ot change. Please inquire within.