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Jennifer Riddell

Jennifer Riddell

Experience Manager

I've been in the financial industry for several years, excelling in different roles — including a financial services manager, a specialized mortgage specialist and almost a decade in the car industry.

The common thread running through all my work endeavours is the people I help, and the goals they reach. Even though the financial industry can seem dry or tedious to some, instead, I'm inspired every day by the human aspect of meeting even small needs for my clients. Something as simple as helping a client complete a transaction may bring them one step closer to having their own place to call home. And I love to be a part of those decisions, no matter how big or small.

I have been known to wear my heart on my sleeve, and my passion for helping people has lead me to my current role at True North Mortgage. As an Experience Manager, I'm thrilled at the opportunities I now have to enhance the experience of clients and employees, and to improve the social presence of True North Mortgage as a company.

It is my core belief that having happy employees leads to happy customers, which results in higher productivity and company success.

The tasks of enhancing the experience of employees and customers are not so different. A little appreciation goes a long way, from celebrating a birthday, or a wedding, or a baby of one of our employees, all the way to providing personalized gifts and thank-you cards to our clients — it's my way of letting them know that they are valued!

But the appreciation doesn’t end there. It's my job to make sure that we not only appreciate our clients and employees, but also our community, by giving back through initiatives that support local Calgary charities, like our most recent TNM Diaper Drive.

Follow along with us, through my personally-run Instagram page @truenorthmortgage!