Sault Ste. Marie Mortgage Brokers

We exist to help you save more on your mortgage.

Can your bank say that? Doubtful. Here's how we can get you a better rate and mortgage, more easily.

Your expert broker knows the (mortgage) ropes to help you save in The Sault.

We're obsessed with giving you a better option to get your mortgage, rather than at a big, impersonal bank or an equally impersonal online-only mortgage platform.

We're set up differently at True North Mortgage. We believe that you deserve your lowest-possible rate and better mortgage to go with it, which is why we're one of the top brokerages in Canada.

Our salaried, non-commissioned brokers have the freedom and high-tech ability to explore a multitude of lenders and a myriad of products on your behalf.

We only do mortgages, and can quickly narrow down your best rate option, lender and product fit (maybe even at your own bank) while saving you time and stress. Then, we pass along a volume discount (you'll need to qualify through the federal mortgage stress test) to help you save more cash.

Our brokerage model allows us to offer expert, unbiased, 5-star advice that puts your mortgage needs first with a speedy, simple service — whether it's your first home, next one or you need a renewal or extra funds through a refinance.

Get started with us today! Coast to coast, we've simplified your mortgage process and can help you online, by email, over the phone, or through our ever-ready mortgage assistant, Morgan.

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True North Mortgage saves you more, with a smile.