Our 3.99% 6-Mo Fixed is the lowest mortgage rate available in Canada.

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Get a better rate and flexible mortgage with our expert brokers.

An easy and stress-free mortgage process that can save you thousands? It sounds good, and it's true.

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In Saskatoon, your lower mortgage rate is our no-brainer.

As your expert mortgage broker, we make it easy for you to save money, time and stress. A bank teller has to know several different product types, but we can focus on just one: your best mortgage. We're unified and salaried to provide an unbeatable experience you likely didn't think was possible. You have a better option than being stuck paying a higher rate with your bank.

  • Our volume discount lowers your rate (for which you qualify), sometimes even with your own bank
  • We work with several accredited lenders (not just one!)
  • Our access to thousands of products ensures you have the best possible fit for your needs
  • Flexible mortgage options help you save more on fees and penalties, and customized solutions that solve complex details
  • With great mortgage advice, you'll get the most out of your mortgage goals and save thousands along the way!
  • We have proof that our rates are better

Need mortgage help? The right advice makes your process simple.

No matter your mortgage needs or details, your expert True North broker can quickly sort out your options. You'll get either pre-approved fast or armed with a helpful strategy that puts you on the path to home ownership.

We specialize in just about every type of mortgage need, such as first-time buyers, your next home, or a vacation or rental property if you're looking to expand your home investment.

If you already own a home, no matter your lender, we can offer your best renewal options to save more this time. Or we can help you refinance if you need to access home equity for further investment, debt consolidation, education or home upgrades.

Your life is unique — why limit yourself to a one-size-fits-all mortgage with a big bank that may cost you a lot more? We're here to offer a better rate with a mortgage that fits your situation.

Save more with your exceptional broker.

It doesn't get better than your 5-star mortgage experience — wherever you are in Saskatoon or Saskatchewan. Our highly trained mortgage brokers are available online, over the phone, through our chatbot, Morgan, or a mobile broker can come to you.

We make your process simple — and get your best-possible rate — because we know how stressful mortgages can be and that you're looking for a mortgage payment you can live with. We take the time to answer all your questions and get the deal done on time while saving you money and stress.

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It's true: True North has your better rate and mortgage.

We've been around for a while, obsessed with offering everyday Canadians like you a better choice than your banks — with rates and products that make more sense for your (mortgage) bottom line. Our mortgage rates are 0.20% lower on average than the competition.

Save more with a volume rate discount.

Unified, non-commissioned, salaried mortgage brokers help keep your mortgage advice unbiased, free and with no obligation. Because of our brokerage size, we do huge volume, which gets us lender discounts that we pass along to you to lower your rate even more.

(You still need to qualify for your best rate through the federal stress-test requirement and other standard application details, such as income, debt load and credit standing.)

5-star client reviews — as far as you can see.

With over 15,000 5-star reviews from our amazing clients, we must be doing something right. Oh, right, that something is saving them a pile of cash and making their mortgage process fast, simple and stress-free.

Better mortgage options help you save even more.

Your mortgage needs are unique, and having flexible options, for example, to change your payment frequency or pay less in penalties should you need to break your term, can make a difference when you go to make a change.

Our in-house lender, THINK Financial, also typically charges less fees than many lenders to help reduce your mortgage costs.

Or do you need cash back with your mortgage to help with some upfront expenses? We can do that, too, and tell you how it works so that you know where that extra money is coming from.

It's free, and no obligation to get our mortgage advice.

Our online application gives you a simple start, or schedule a broker call-back for a time that works best for you.

If you can find a better rate

Saskatoon's Best Mortgage Rates

Why are our rates lower?

In Saskatoon, your best rate (for which you qualify) is a combination of many things here at True North Mortgage:

  • Volume rate discount that we pass on to you
  • Unified, salaried brokers ensure you have your lowest rate instead of the best rate for the lender
  • Access to thousands of products means you get the best rate and product for your situation
  • Our rates are 0.20% lower on average than the competition because we put your mortgage needs first

Should you choose a variable or fixed rate?

A variable rate changes with movements in bank prime rates (which follow the Bank of Canada benchmark overnight rate). A fixed rate is just that — it doesn't change during your term, and your mortgage payments also don't change.

Historically, a variable rate has been shown to save interest costs over time, riding the highs and the lows to average-out for savings. But many of our clients still choose a fixed rate for the budget stability it provides.

Our experts can help you decide whether a variable or fixed rate is best for you.

Hold your best rate now, before they move.

If you're thinking of buying a home, renewing or refinancing — call us today to hold your best rate for up to 120 days. It'll give you peace of mind while you make decisions (with our great advice). Get a helpful renewal reminder here.

Saskatoon: Bucking the trend?

Saskatoon is often referred to as 'Hub City' thanks to its strategic 'middle-ish' national location, which is ideal for shipping logistics and distribution. With a 2023 population of about 342K, Saskatoon's housing market is expected to buck the national lower home-price trend forecast for this year — attracting those trying to escape the wrath of higher mortgage rates with high-value homes for less compared to other Canadian city centres.

Take a read through some helpful mortgage topics and advice for the Saskatoon area:

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