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You need the best mortgage broker in Ottawa.

Why? Because you'll save thousands. At True North Mortgage, we understand that buying a home is a major life decision, and your situation is unique. We target your needs to save you the most.

We know the Ottawa market and we can secure your best mortgage rates. We work with a trusted network of lenders, and our volume discount means we can offer even better rates (for which you qualify), often from your own bank.

Our highly-trained mortgage brokers also know that 5-star service is about providing you with a tailored solution quickly so that you can make decisions and meet deadlines. With a gazillion products (okay, not that much, but a lot) to choose from, we make your better mortgage an easy, stress-free experience — whether you're purchasing a new home, refinancing or renewing, or your needs are straightforward or more complex.

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How can our expert brokers help you save? Let us count the (mortgage) ways.

1. Your better rate. Ever tried to negotiate with a bank? Even their 'best' rate can be much higher than you hoped. We shop the lenders for you to save you stress, time and money — over $3,000 on average!
2. Your better mortgage. See an ultra-low rate on the web? It can come with restrictions or hidden fees that may cost you more later. We get your best rate with the right product for your situation.
3. Expert advice based on what you need. We have the suggestions, strategies and tools to help you save more, whether you're a first-time buyer looking for programs and rebates, or thinking of buying a vacation or rental property.

That's three good ways. But there are so many more ways we can help you save. Give us a shout, and we'll take you through the numbers and solutions for your situation to help you make clearer decisions to reach your home-owning goals.

A stress-free mortgage, the easy way.

Your mortgage can be complicated. But not with us — we've fined tuned your process to make it easy right off the start, right to the end. You'll be pre-approved quickly and get answers to all your questions. Deadlines? We deal with the details with time to spare.

We're highly trained and experienced, but we're also real people dedicated to helping you save time and money. Give us a call today! It's free with no obligation to get our help — you'll be glad you did!

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A you-first mortgage? That's what you get at True North.

Money. Mortgages. Both of these words start the same but end differently. From the beginning of putting up the money (your down payment) to the end of your mortgage process, we want you to save a lot of cash and have the easiest, most stress-free experience possible.

Your mortgage needs come first.

We match the right lender and rate to you, so that you're not at the mercy of one lender's idea of your mortgage. Of course, you need to qualify and have a lender on board for your mortgage loan, but our expert brokers are unified and salaried (non-commissioned) for unbiased advice and to get your best-possible rate.

Save more on penalties and fees.

A better mortgage means flexible pre-payment options and no hidden fees or restrictions that you didn't see coming. Does that ultra-low rate from a trendy mortgage website come with higher penalties? We advocate for your best mortgage for your situation — to help you better prepare for what the future might hold, if you suddenly find that you need to sell or switch lenders.

The most 5-star reviews in the business.

That's nothing to sneeze at. No one is even close (not banks, not other online platforms). We work hard, and pride ourselves on going above and beyond. We get a thrill each and every time a client is thrilled with their rate and mortgage experience. Give us a shout! We'll make it worth your while.

The best digital tools.

To make your process a piece of cake, we have an easy, go-with-you online application form, great calculators and renewal reminders for seamless contact and simple-to-understand numbers.

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Ottawa's Best Mortgage Rates

Why does TNM have better rates?

On average, our rates are about 0.20% lower than the competition. We do huge volume and pass along a rate discount. Plus, we have access to several accredited lenders to provide your best options. We also offer exceptional rates and mortgages through our in-house lender, THINK Financial. So as you can see, we're set up for your lower rates, right from the get-go.

Do you want a variable or fixed rate?

The rate type you choose depends on your risk tolerance for changing payments. A (typically) lower variable rate comes with the risk of rising interest costs and payments but may save you thousands over your mortgage term. A fixed rate may cost a bit more, but your payments won't change, and you'll have budget certainty for your term. We can outline the details for each type to help you decide.

Hold your best rate now!

Mortgage rates are on the move in Ottawa — contact us today to protect your rate from increases over the next while. Depending on the lender, you can hold your low mortgage rates for up to 4 months, giving you some time to make (mortgage) decisions.

Ottawa: A strong market for the nation's capital.

A desirable city to live and work in, Ottawa's population is over 934,000. It's the 4th largest city in Canada and the 2nd largest in Ontario. An in-demand city that receives much attention as the nation's capital, Ottawa's housing market isn't as pricey as the Toronto region but sees fairly consistent demand.

Here are some helpful mortgage topics and advice for the Ottawa area:

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