Our 3.99% 6-Mo Fixed is the lowest mortgage rate available in Canada.

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Get an expert mortgage broker who's all about you.

The big banks can't compete with our 5-star service. We have your better rates and mortgage fit, plus we advocate for you, not the lender.

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In the GTA, get your lower mortgage rate with flexible options — you'll save thousands.

How can you save money on your mortgage? By having a True North Mortgage broker in your corner. We're the experts who know the mortgage market inside and out. Highly trained, we can offer you better options than a 'specialized' bank teller to save you money, time and stress — now and down the (mortgage) road.

Unified and salaried, we advocate for your:

  • Best-possible rate (with federal stress test qualification) through our volume discount and access to several lenders
  • Flexible mortgage product, with access to options that are about your needs (not the big bank's)
  • Customized solutions when the big banks say 'no'
  • Most transparent mortgage deal with no funny restrictions or hidden fees (watch out for those online startups!)
  • Better mortgage experience, with insights to save you thousands over your term and life of your mortgage

What do you need? Our expert brokers help you find your (mortgage) way.

If you're a first-time home buyer, we can get you pre-approved fast, with information on how much you'll need for a down payment, and the latest programs and rebates to help you get into your first home.

The rate type you choose (variable or fixed), as well as your income, credit and down payment are also important to set yourself up for a successful home buying process and final mortgage approval with a lender.

And what about your next home, or a vacation or rental income property? We have the advice to make your decisions clearer and the better rates and options to help you reach your financial goals.

Plus, when it's time to renew, or if you need to refinance for extra funds for home upgrades or other investment purposes, we'll ensure you have the best mortgage deal for your unique situation. Life happens, and our expert brokers can help you adjust your mortgage needs along the way.

Your mortgage application? We make it so easy.

Our simple, streamlined application process takes the stress out of getting a mortgage. What works best for you? We're here to help no matter the method you choose: apply through our easy online form, click our website chat, pick up the phone or visit us at a store. We'll quickly take you through all the details to complete your mortgage — from your pre-approval right down to signing the final papers.

We're experts, but also real people who understand that your mortgage situation is unique and requires our full attention.

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Using a True North Mortgage broker is a no-brainer.

Save time and money.

Trying to find the lowest rate and right mortgage fit on your own can be daunting. Yet we make it simple to save you thousands. How do we do it?

Your better mortgage is all about relationships. At True North Mortgage, our brokers have strong relationships with a wide range of mortgage lenders. And thanks to our huge volume, we can pass along a discount to help get your rate even lower. In fact, we guarantee it — if you find a lower rate (for which you qualify) on a similar mortgage, we will either beat it or give you $500.

And then there's our relationship with you, our client. Every mortgage is different, and we pride ourselves on providing targeted advice to find your best mortgage rate and product from the right lender.

Unbeatable service with over 15,000 5-Star reviews.

We care, and it shows. We don't let you settle for a one-size-fits-all mortgage. We're obsessed with providing you a better option than your bank. Check out our 5-Star reviews to see first-hand how we've helped our clients find the right mortgage solution, with unbeatable service.

Great mortgage tools.

We've created the best-in-class tools you need to help with your mortgage questions and needs. For starters, we have the best online application form in the business that goes where you do for a convenient way to get pre-approved on the go.

And, our specially-designed calculators, such as our mortgage payment calculator, help you see how the numbers line up for your budget. Need a mortgage renewal reminder? You've got it. We spend every minute of the day working to give you a better mortgage experience.

Free, unbiased advice — in your preferred language.

Our True North Mortgage Brokers are salaried and rigorously trained for unified, consistent service. We haggle with the lenders for you, compare their rates and products, and work out all the mortgage details so that you don't have to. Plus, we speak mortgage, in your preferred language, for a seamless process from beginning to end.

Our brokers are real people, just like you.

Schedule a convenient call-back, hit the 'apply online' button, give us a shout, or drop by a store location. We're here for your lifetime of mortgage needs, wherever you are in Canada.

We'll beat any competitor's offer

Toronto's Best Mortgage Rates

Lower rates than your bank, sometimes from your bank.

Our highly-trained Toronto mortgage brokers deal with all accredited lenders on your behalf and pass along our volume discount to get your rate lower, even from your own bank.

We call it the True North Mortgage advantage, and we work hard to provide your lowest rate for which you qualify. Our rates are typically at least 0.20% lower than the big banks.

What affects your best rate?

Your rate is impacted by more factors today than in the past, such as the federal stress test, your income and credit standing, and the property price and down payment amount.

We can sort through all the details that can affect your rate and offer great advice on how to improve your application to get your rate lower.

Your best rate should also come with a transparent, flexible mortgage that fits your life and financial goals. We'll help you avoid hidden fees or funny restrictions lurking in the mortgage fine-print, like higher pre-payment penalties or other costs that you didn't see coming.

Hold your best rate now, before it changes.

Looking for a home or thinking about a mortgage change? Or is your renewal coming up? Toronto mortgage rates are always on the move, and house prices can impact your final approval. Contact us today to hold your low mortgage rates for up to four months (depending on the lender).

Toronto: A competitive housing market.

Toronto is considered Canada's largest city with a population of about 2.7M, with the GTA ringing in around 6.4M. Its housing market is known for higher home prices and higher competition compared to many other Canadian centres.

Here are some helpful mortgage topics for tips and advice for the Toronto area:

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