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$1678 /mo
$1678 /mo

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Historic overview of the Edmonton real estate market

According to an RBC market study, Edmonton's real estate market is one of the most affordable in Canada. They found that Edmonton homes cost 31.2% of average household income, which, according to the RBC housing affordability index, makes it one of the lowest in the country.

As household income has dropped slightly in recent years, the affordability of Edmonton real estate has fallen somewhat; however, affordability and prices have remained relatively stable.

How our brokers work with clients and lenders

We understand how daunting it can be trying to find the ideal mortgage on your own. Even so-called 'easy to use' tools can leave you with an overwhelming number of options to explore.

That's where True North Mortgage comes in.

Due to our excellent positioning and dedication to going the extra mile, we can secure the best possible mortgage rates for you.

So whether you're looking to buy, refinance, or renew, we're confident that we can find you an unbeatable price. Our strength is finding the best rates thanks to the strong relationships we've built with mortgage lenders over the years.

Thanks to the volume that we deal with, we're proud to say that we can get you the best mortgage rate in Edmonton.

Not only that, but our commitment to the consumer means that we dedicate our time to ensuring we correctly understand your financial situation. This means we can then match you with the right lender for you.

All of our agents are salaried, which means that their focus is on ensuring the best mortgage at the best rate, regardless of whether that's a fixed or variable rate. We're so confident in our abilities that if you find a lower rate on a similar fixed-rate mortgage, we guarantee to beat it or give you $500.

How are mortgages regulated in Edmonton?

When it comes to mortgage regulation in Edmonton, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is the independent governing body that sets, regulates, and enforces standards.

RECA works according to the Real Estate Act of Alberta, which was introduced in 2000. It aims to work on behalf of the consumer to ensure that banks, lenders, and mortgage brokers in Alberta provide the best quality services.

What mortgage insurance is available in Edmonton?

Similar with the rest of Canada, if you buy a home in Edmonton with less than 20% for a down payment, you must also purchase mortgage default insurance.

This is commonly known as CMHC insurance but is available from more insurers than just CMHC.

There are three mortgage insurance providers in Canada: the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Genworth Financial, and Canada Guaranty.

This insurance protects lenders should you default on the mortgage, while still being able to provide lower mortgage rates and mortgages with lower down payment requirements.

Once purchased, the premium is added to your mortgage amount. Then your insurance premium is paid off through your mortgage payments.

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