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Getting a mortgage on your own can seem intimidating — but it can be as easy as a walk in the park with your True North mortgage broker.

We're here to get your best-possible rate and better mortgage, because you deserve a more personalized experience than going it alone with your bank or dealing with an online-only platform that skimps on service.

Our brokers are highly trained, and check with the lenders for you — selecting from an array of products to find your best fit. It's a (mortgage) formula we've perfected to help you save a pile of cash on your mortgage, now and later.

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Get an expert, but also a real person who cares about providing your best mortgage experience. We quickly gather your details and get the lowest rate and right solution to fit your needs — while keeping you updated and seamlessly moving along to sign on the (mortgage) dotted line.

We're here for you in Kelowna, for free and with no obligation. Your easy pre-approval can start online, over the phone, by email, or even through Morgan, our marvellous mortgage chatbot. Apply with us today!

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At True North, we're obsessed with getting your best rate and right mortgage fit to save you the most. We started over 17 years ago as an answer to big bank's higher rates, and we're still going strong with a service that can't be beat.

How do we do it? With salaried, non-commissioned brokers who offer expert, unbiased advice while checking the lenders and available products for you. Whether it's your first home, next one, or you need a refinance or renewal, we quickly find your best savings fit. Plus, our huge volume allows us to pass along a rate discount for your lower mortgage rate in Kelowna.

We also have the flexibility to help you when big banks aren't flexible, with short-term solutions that make complexity simpler and stress-free.

The choice is yours. The best mortgage savings are here waiting for you. Apply today! Are you really busy? You can schedule a convenient callback right here.

Kelowna's Best Mortgage Rates

We guarantee that we can find your lowest rate for your mortgage details (for which you'll need to qualify through the federal stress test). And if you find a better one, we'll beat it or give you $500!

Worried about rates changing? Contact us to hold your rate now for up to 120 days (depending on the lender). While you do that, you'll get great, free advice on choosing the best rate for your situation, whether a fixed or variable, or the right term rate that makes sense for you.

Don't want to miss when your renewal comes up? Make sure you get the time you need to check around for your best deal — get a helpful renewal reminder here!

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