Calgary Mortgage Brokers

Your mortgage is a big investment. Our expert brokers can help you save thousands.

We're more specialized than a big bank. That means we get right down to your best-possible rate and perfect mortgage fit, with 5-star service that's all about you.

Calgary Mortgage Brokers

In Calgary, you're better off right here, at True North Mortgage.

Home to True North Mortgage's first retail location and head office — you have easy access to the best mortgage brokers in the business. Unlike a big bank or an independent broker, our friendly, high-trained mortgage experts are unified and salaried so that they're all about you and not the lender.

You'll save money, time and stress with our unbeatable, personalized service:

  • Get your very best rate (for which you'll need to qualify) to save thousands through our volume discount and strong lender relationships
  • You'll save more with the right mortgage — we can access thousands of products, even from your bank, to find the flexible options that fit your financial goals
  • Expert advice and strategies to help get you into your first home or the home of your dreams

Our expert brokers help you tip-toe through the (mortgage) tulips.

We make your entire mortgage process easy (and saving lots of money feels good, too).

No matter your mortgage needs — your first home, next home or a renewal or refinance — your application and communication process is one thing you won't have to worry about or wait on.

Have a question? We're on it. Need a pre-approval fast? We take you through the details quickly, ensuring you have all the information you need for an informed decision about your better rate and mortgage. We can even suggest ways to speed things up if needed. And get you a solution for more complex mortgage details when a big bank can't help you.

There are many things we can help you with to make it feel easy:

We've been helping our amazing clients for over 17 years now. And we aren't going anywhere, with you-first service that ensures you have the best mortgage experience and a lifetime of mortgage help.

What do you need? Your situation is unique, and that's how we treat your mortgage solution. And when it's time to renew or if you need to refinance, we'll help you find the right choice that saves you money and time.

All online or all in-person? We make it simple.

Online, over the phone or at our store locations, you'll get a really simple mortgage process. From your initial questions and pre-approval, right to your final lender agreement — we take care of you from beginning to end.

Use our savvy tech and tools, like our payment calculators, to see your initial numbers. Then we access your best rate and product, targeting your details and providing better service than any big bank or online startup.

Laura Clarke

True North Mortgage is your best chance to save big.

Want your best rate? It's our obsession.

Trying to find your best rate on your own can be daunting. It takes time to check in with several lenders and wait for all those bank tellers (aka mortgage specialists) to get back to you. And do you really believe that those are the best rates they can offer?

If you come to us, we do all the checking for you and pass along our volume discount to get your rate even lower. In fact, we guarantee it — if you find a better rate on a similar mortgage, we will either beat it or give you $500. We're obsessed with saving you money and want you to have a better option than just being alone in front of a big bank, asking them to go easy on you.

Save even more with a better mortgage product.

Having the right mortgage product for your unique situation can save you more money later on by avoiding higher pre-payment penalties, funny restrictions or hidden fees you didn't expect to see. We unearth the mortgage fine print to help ensure you have the perfect fit for your goals, with no surprises.

Over 15,000 5-Star reviews from happy clients.

No one in the mortgage industry even comes close. Check out our 5-Star reviews to read first-hand how our clients feel about their mortgage experience. From your smooth online application, to great calculators and tools, to expert advice and service, we help you save more. Period.

Why not talk to us? It's completely free, with zero obligation.

Fill out our easy, go-with-you online application, or give us a shout. Our True North Mortgage brokers are salaried and rigorously trained for unified, consistent service. There's no cost to get our help or to compare how our mortgage service is better for you.

Schedule a call-back right now to get started on your stress-free mortgage.

We'll beat any competitor's offer

Calgary's Best Mortgage Rates

How much lower are our rates?

Our rates are typically at least 0.15% lower than the big banks, thanks to our volume discount. Plus, we can usually offer better products with your great rate, which may save you even more later. Many 'ultra-low-rate' offers from online companies can come with sneaky restrictions and fees if you need or want a change.

We call it the True North Mortgage advantage — your best-possible rate and the right mortgage product with an easy, expert mortgage service.

Which rate is best for you?

Your rate type can impact your monthly budget and mortgage goals. A (typically) lower variable rate may save thousands more over your mortgage term, but it comes with the risk of rising interest costs and payments. A fixed rate may cost a bit more, but you'll have peace of mind that your payments will stay the same. We can show you the numbers based on your financial details to make your decision clearer.

Rates are changing. Hold your best one now.

Calgary mortgage rates are always on the move — contact us today to hold your low mortgage rates for up to 4 months (depending on the lender). You'll be protected from increases for a little while to give you time to house-shop.

Calgary: A higher-value market, for now.

A thriving city that offers the best of both mountain and prairie vibes, Calgary is the 3rd-largest Canadian city, with a population of 1.4M, including the metropolitan area. Its housing market tends to experience ups and downs along with an oil and gas economy, though recent diversification is sowing more economic balance and strength.

Take a read through some helpful mortgage topics and advice for the Calgary area:

Save a pile of cash, get unbeatable service