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In a thriving market, we have the lowest rates.

Calgary, home to True North Mortgage’s first retail location, continues to host a thriving housing market, fueled by a strong economy and a fast-growing population. Year over year, real estate values are appreciating, making affordable housing more competitive.

In a market that shows little sign of slowing down, we can help you secure the lowest mortgage rates in Calgary to save thousands on your home, income property or vacation investment. Plus, we have the flexible mortgage solutions and exceptional, unified service to save you time and stress.

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Rules have changed. Everyone's rate is unique.

Canadian regulations have changed the way mortgages work. You must now qualify for your rate. Factors like equity in your home and personal credit will impact the rate.

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1 Year Fixed
$1678 /mo
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$1678 /mo
3 Year Fixed
$1678 /mo
4 Year Fixed
$1678 /mo
5 Year Fixed
$1678 /mo
5 Year Variable
$1678 /mo
$1678 /mo

Use our Morgage Calculator for accurate payments. Rates posted here only valid in Alberta.

Lower than your bank.

How do we do that? Our highly-trained Calgary mortgage brokers are able to pass along a volume discount. We can deal with your own bank and offer an even better rate. Visit, call or apply online today to discover the True North Mortgage advantage.

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Calgary mortgage rates are always on the move—contact us today to hold your low mortgage rates for up to four months (depending on the lender). You’ll get fast, friendly service and a mortgage process that fits your needs.

Mortgage Rates and More

Finding the right mortgage rate, term and lender

It can be very confusing and daunting trying to find the right mortgage on your own, even when you are presented with a dropdown list with price and service comparisons.

True North Mortgage has a strong and active relationship with a comprehensive range of mortgage lenders, and sometimes it isn’t a case of just finding the best rate. Our aim is to get a proper understanding of your financial situation and match you with a lender who is the best possible fit.

Our relationship with such a wide range of mortgage lenders combined with the volume we deal with means that we can secure you the best possible mortgage rate available in Canada that best meets your needs. We stand behind this by offering our rate guarantee, where if you find a lower rate on a similar fixed-rate mortgage, we will either beat it or give you $500.

Our ability to go the extra mile and to secure you the best possible mortgage, whether it’s for a purchase, refinance or renewal, is the prime reason we enjoy a healthy referral rate from our existing customers.

One of our clients, Neil from Calgary, wrote that “The banks simply cannot compete with the service level that True North Mortgage provided” and another client, Scott from Calgary, said that “the Park Realty cashback went a long way into making the house feel like home once we were in”.

If you had any doubts whether you should choose a broker over a bank, the regular positive feedback we get from True North Mortgage clients should tell you which the better route is in more ways than one.

Making the application process as easy as possible

It is worth remembering that you will be dealing directly with salaried agents at True North Mortgage which means we are not going to pressure you into taking anything less than the best possible product with the best possible rate, regardless if it’s fixed or variable.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to explain all of your options and are always looking to provide great customer service and a fast and efficient turnaround so that you leave not only happy with us but also with the terms or your new mortgage.

Our service involves working closely with you in evaluating your needs. We will arrange a view of your current financial situation so that we can identify which products are most suitable for you, and what mortgage rates you can expect.

We also provide a number of online tools, such as our mortgage payment calculator to run some initial numbers. Satisfied customers enjoy seeing all of the important numbers laid out in front of them in one easy format, making decisions simpler and clearer.

There is also a lot more to buying a home than just the down-payment and monthly finance payments. Stress-test your finances using the additional drop-down options to calculate your monthly expenses, work out what payments would be when using a higher rate, and even calculate how much cash you will actually need on hand when your house closes.

We'll beat any competitor's offer,

Calgary: A great place to live and work

Beyond getting a great mortgage rate, life in Calgary is great for professionals, families, and anyone looking for a fantastic quality of life.

Now you know why True North provides all the right answers and ticks all the boxes. It’s time to get to work on setting your roots in your next Calgary home.

Calgary is best known as the epicentre of Canada’s energy industry and the home of the world-famous Calgary Stampede. As well as being a modern metropolitan centre close to the iconic Rocky Mountains, it is also a city that offers property investment and career opportunities.

This is a great combination for anyone looking to bring up a family, enjoy a good work/life balance and soak up the range of culture that the city has to offer.

The Calgary housing market

The city of Calgary has enjoyed a long and deserved reputation as one of the best Canadian cities in which to live. There is no question that the prolonged strength of the oil and gas economy in the area has contributed to a promising infrastructure that allows for an enviable lifestyle and real estate investment opportunities.

Although the oil industry has recently endured a period of correction where low oil prices have taken the shine off economic and job prospects in some places, Calgary’s long term prospects are still very bright. It has not been entirely immune to the effects of falling commodity prices, yet the pessimistic forecasts of large falls in real estate prices have simply not materialised to any great extent.

Calgary demonstrates its resilient real estate market, and whilst you can certainly find examples of properties in some price ranges with a correction of no more than 4%, there are many houses that have been marketed and sold for much the same price that they were before oil prices started changing.

Using global and local economics to your advantage, you could argue that 2016 is a buyers’ market. Working with your mortgage broker to get a great mortgage deal and the best possible interest rate available might allow you the chance to buy a piece of Calgary real estate at just the right price.

Fundamentally Calgary’s real estate market conditions suggest it could be a good time for first-time buyers and move-up buyers. It is a great time to find a home that offers good value for money and the potential to see that value rise as confidence returns to the oil industry and the global economy.

Employment figures suggest that Alberta is still enjoying a jobs boom in areas other than the oil sector. High tech and other growth sectors offer optimism that the Calgary housing market will continue to prove resilient against downward price pressures.

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Calgary Mortgage Rates

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