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Your mortgage really does matter.

It's one of the biggest financial commitments you'll likely ever make. Whether it's the home where you'll raise your family, co-own to get your foot in the door, or an investment property, don't spend money you don't have to.

At True North, we're highly trained, expert mortgage brokers obsessed with saving you cash and making your process simple and stress-free.

  • Proven better mortgage rates than the competition
  • Flexible mortgage options can help you save on fees, penalties and interest
  • Need a short-term mortgage solution? We can customize where big banks can't
  • Unbeatable service makes dealing with us better than your bank (or an impersonal digital-only platform)
  • Fast pre-approvals and deals closed on time

It's free, and there's no obligation to apply with us to find out your best rate and product options. Talk to us. Save your money.

Get the right mortgage, for you.

We've been here a while, watching startups come and then burn out, and banks charge higher fees and rates. And now, digital-only platforms talk a big game about personalized service — yet, you can't find their brokers listed to contact them. And when your mortgage gets tough, can they actually solve the problem via that long online form you have to fill out?

We put you first. Our highly trained, unified, salaried expert brokers are your (mortgage) lifeline to your best rate and right mortgage fit. Whether you're buying your first home or your next one, we access several accredited lenders on your behalf, plus thousands of products, to find the best one for your situation.

And if it's time to renew or refinance, we're right here to get your better mortgage deal. We can help you entirely online, over the phone, or at our Burnaby store location. No matter what, you'll always have a friendly broker by your side.

An expert broker by your (mortgage) side.

Our friendly brokers are experienced, salaried and rigorously trained for unified, consistent service.

We haggle with the lenders for you, compare their rates and products, and work out all the mortgage details to save time compared to shopping around on your own. We also have exclusive access to our CMHC-approved in-house lender, THINK Financial, which has some of the best rates and mortgages in Canada.

Continual contact and updates, answers to all your questions — we put your mortgage needs first to help you save thousands.

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True North has your savings calculated.

We're obsessed with your lower rates.

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for a low rate on your own. Our brokers have strong connections with multiple lenders, so we can offer you a better rate than your bank, even from your bank. Our large volume allows us to pass along a rate discount, and our unified, salaried brokerage model keeps your rates as best as they can be.

If you find a lower rate (that you qualify for) on a similar mortgage, we'll beat it or give you $500.

Better mortgage options, fewer fees and costs.

Our flexible mortgage options often come with fewer fees, lower penalties, and more choices all around — like being able to change your payment frequency more often or paying off your mortgage sooner (if you find yourself with extra funds). And we help you understand the fine print. Beware of those ultra-low rate websites, as they can come with hidden fees and restrictive terms.

Human and tech, hand in hand.

We have the best tools in the industry to enhance our expert human (mortgage) help. From our easy online application to our great calculators to our modern system that ensures you get prompt support and updates — we've got your process down to a fine (mortgage) art.

Go with the most 5-star reviews in the industry.

We're proud to help our clients save with a simple process. It's garnered us over 15,000 5-star reviews because we prioritize you and your needs. And we do everything we can for your best mortgage experience.

It's free, and there's no obligation to apply with us. A few minutes with us could save you thousands.

Want a broker to call you back at a convenient time? Schedule a call-back here.

Your rate guarantee! We'll beat a competitor's rate

Burnaby's Best Mortgage Rates

Proven lower mortgage rates.

Our brokers have strong relationships with multiple lenders, giving us the ability to offer a lower rate through a volume discount and unified brokerage model. On average, our rates are 0.20% lower than big banks and MFC (mortgage finance corporation) lenders.

We don't settle for one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, we offer tailored guidance to get you an even better rate for lower payments. Plus, our transparent, flexible options ensure no hidden fees or restrictions, and you may save later on penalties compared to bargain-bin online rates.

Your mortgage rate depends on factors like the stress test, income, credit, property price, and down payment. Our brokers can help you understand how these impact your rate and improve your application for a better rate.

Act fast, rates change quickly!

If you're buying a home, considering a mortgage change, or approaching a renewal, reach out to lock in your rate for up to 4 months. Need a renewal reminder? We've got you covered.

Apply with us today, we can help you save a pile of cash!

Burnaby: Sluggish housing market amid higher rates

Part of Metro Vancouver and to the east, Burnaby is the third-largest city in BC and has a population of over 270,000 people. Its higher-priced housing market is cooling in 2023 due to slowing economic factors dragged by higher inflation and mortgage rates.

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