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Greater Vancouver’s real estate market is reporting record-high sales, low inventory and robust competition for housing and properties. With the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic pushing buyers to look for more space, Vancouver's strong economy and historically low interest rates are being credited for the latest real estate frenzy. Even though buyer sources are substantially domestic after protective measures against foreign investment were adopted, experts predict a continued demand and sustained higher prices.

With higher housing prices, it's important to get the lowest rate possible to help save thousands on your investment. At True North Mortgage, our Vancouver mortgage brokers can provide your lower mortgage rates, even from your bank. And our convenient locations and service mean you always receive friendly, unified support for a stress-free mortgage process.

The best mortgage rates, always.

Our True North Mortgage brokers can offer you lower mortgage rates in Vancouver and surrounding area, even from your own bank — thanks to our volume discount. You can sit back, while we do the haggling and get your rate as low as it can go (you'll need to qualify for your best rate), fitting it with the right mortgage solution for your needs.

Hold your low rate — before it goes up.

We'll hold your lower Vancouver mortgage rate for up to four months (depending on the lender) — before it fluctuates. When you've found a house or property you love, you'll take your best rate and flexible mortgage fit all the way home, to save money that can really add up over the life of your mortgage.

Exceptional service, flexible options.

True North Mortgage is one of the most trusted mortgage brokers in Vancouver. Highly-trained, our specialists have access to thousands of mortgage products to find the right one for your unique situation and financial goals. We know the market, all the rules, and have strong, established relationships with accredited lenders.

You'll get the answers you need and your best Vancouver mortgage rate for a easy, stress-free mortgage experience. Visit, start a chat, call or apply online today.

Vancouver Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates are different across Canada. Rates are shown based on your location. If you're planning to purchase out-of-province, be sure to choose rates where the property will be located.

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