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Overview of the Winnipeg real estate market

The 'pandemic effect' has hit Winnipeg’s housing market. Despite the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Winnipeg real estate is seeing frenzied buying activity, with increasing prices and bidding wars. Experts feel that the combination of low interest rates and buyer-desire for more home and yard space is contributing to the rush to get in on current prices or to snap up inventory as it comes on market. The Winnipeg Real Estate board predicts that sales will normalize as inventory increases, but the market should remain strong over the next few months.

How are mortgages regulated in Winnipeg?

Mortgages in Winnipeg are regulated by the Manitoba Securities Commission, which is a division of the Manitoba Financial Services Agency. Their Real Estate Division is responsible for administering specific regulations such as the Mortgage Brokers Act (2011) and the Real Estate Brokers Act.

The Mortgage Brokers Act regulates the activities of mortgage brokers by ensuring proper registration and compliance with specific disclosures to consumers.

The Real Estate Brokers Act requires all brokers to have a separate trust account to hold money to be transferred and to file a surety bond with the Registrar. This division also registers mortgage brokers and investigates complaints against them.

What mortgage insurance is available?

If you purchase a home in Winnipeg with less than a 20% down payment, you must also purchase mortgage default insurance, as is standard throughout Canada.

This insurance is commonly referred to as CMHC, for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The premiums are an additional cost to the home buyer, and the amount is calculated based on a percentage of the total mortgage amount.

By requiring this insurance, lenders are able to offer lower interest rates and lower down payment requirements because they are minimizing the risk they are exposed to if the borrower defaults.

CMHC is the most common mortgage insurance provider, but is also provided through through Sagen or Canada Guaranty.

Historic mortgage rates in Winnipeg

When looking at mortgage rates, it's important to make the distinction between fixed rates and variable rates. A fixed-rate mortgage has an interest rate that is fixed when the loan is initiated, which means your payments stay the same throughout the term. A variable rate mortgage has an interest rate that can fluctuate, and therefore payments may also fluctuate. Fixed-rates tend to be higher, as they protect owners from interest fluctuations over the mortgage term.

Here are mortgage rates for the Winnipeg market over the last few years:

Five-Year Fixed Rate

2019 - 2.84%

2018 - 3.17%

2017 - 2.79%

Five-Year Variable Rate

2019 - 2.71%

2018 - 2.33%

2017 - 2.00%

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