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Life is like a river. It's good to know the best (mortgage) place to safely land ashore.

Your best rate and product fit can save you thousands. Our highly trained brokers guide you quickly and simply through your process to take the stress out of your mortgage journey.

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In Winnipeg, the best mortgage broker can make a difference.

We'll save you more and get you the right product for your situation — while happily answering your questions and easily dealing with your mortgage details. Here's how we do it:

  • Our salaried, non-commissioned brokers do huge volume to get your best rate.
  • We can help in so many ways — online, over the phone, or a broker can come to you.
  • A simple, best-tech pre-approval process that handles even complex details and applications that don't fit the traditional big bank mold.
  • Access to several lenders and thousands of products for your very best fit to save a pile of cash.

Plus, the most 5-star reviews from our clients says it all. We do the (mortgage) paddling for you while you focus on other important things — like getting ready to move into your dream home or scheduling the upgrades you want.

Save the most, stress the least.

More knowledgeable than a bank teller and more human than an 'only online' mortgage platform — our brokers are unified to provide unbeatable service for one of the biggest financial commitments you'll likely make.

You'd be surprised how many lenders we check for your best rate, and how many (thousands) of mortgage options we can access to make sure you have the right fit.

Yet, we make your pre-approval fast and easy because we know you've got deadlines. Need us for longer? We're here for that, too. Your questions, the products available, the co-signers you may need — it's all about you:

  • As a first-time home buyer, what are the rebates and programs you have access to?
  • What size down payment do you actually need?
  • How does your credit affect your approval?
  • What are the costs involved to refinance for home upgrade funds?
  • How soon can you renew your term?

What mortgage help do you need? No matter how simple or complicated your situation, we work with you to find the best solution to reach your financial goals.

Keeping it simple but tailored to you.

To help you save thousands, of course! We love what we do, and dig deep to provide a superior mortgage experience while making it convenient for you. We gather your details, outline the right numbers, and help you glide to the end of your approval process without a hitch.

Get your best rate and great advice in your preferred language. Our service is free, and there's no obligation — connect with us today!

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True to you — we love to help you save, and it shows.

At True North Mortgage, we understand that purchasing a home can be both exciting and stressful.

But we also know that you deserve your best mortgage and a better option than being at the mercy of a big bank. Or having to worry about what mortgage restrictions come with the 'bargain bin' rate presented by a flashy digital startup. So we work hard to help you, because we know what it feels like to walk into your new home while saving money with a better mortgage — with a broker you can trust to be there along the way.

Your best rate can save thousands.

At no cost or obligation, we check with accredited lenders for your best rate and then pass along our volume discount. In fact, we can often get you a better rate from your own bank.

The right product matters, too.

It's important that you have a mortgage that fits your life. Flexible options can help you pay down your mortgage faster without fees, or maybe you'll want to refinance before your term is up and save on pre-payment penalties. Because our brokers are independent yet salaried and unified, we have access to thousands of products with several lenders to ensure you have what you need quickly.

No obligation service focused on you.

We do all this for you, and our service doesn't cost you a dime. Lenders pay us so that you don't have to. No matter how you want to apply with us — online, over the phone, at a store, through our website chat, or ask one of our mobile brokers to come to you — we put you first to help you save money, time and stress.

Wherever you are in Canada, we're here for your best mortgage experience. Schedule a call back now!

Winnipeg's Best Mortgage Rates

Why wouldn't you want a lower rate?

We do huge volume. Plus, our brokers are salaried and non-commissioned. It allows us the unbiased flexibility to pass along a rate discount, often from your own bank. Our rates are typically at least 0.15% lower, which can really add up over the term and life of your mortgage.

What about a variable vs fixed mortgage rate?

The rate type you choose can impact your monthly budget and mortgage savings. Variable rates are historically lower, but changing payments may cause budget stress. Fixed rates, on the other hand, may offer budget stability but can cost you more in pre-payment penalties should you need a change before the end of your term. We can help you decide which rate type is best for your situation.

Hold your best rate now.

Rates are on the move in Winnipeg. Apply now or contact us to hold your rate for a period of time — whether it's your first home, next home, or you need to refinance or renew.

Winnipeg: Steady high-value market may offer more affordability.

A growing city and major transport hub thanks to its centralized location in Canada, Winnipeg is the nation's 7th largest city, with a population of around 705,000. Known for its rivers, humid summers, cold winters and plentiful stop-signs, Manitoba's capital has a relatively steady housing market that has seen steady home value appreciation in the past few years, while still offering a more affordable market compared to larger Canadian centres.

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