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Halifax Mortgage Rates

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The Halifax real estate market, similar to all of Atlantic Canada, is seeing a surge of interest. With little overall movement over the past couple of years, Halifax is now seeing record sales numbers and above-list offers, believed to be the result of Atlantic Canada's widely-publicized handling of the pandemic. Will this economic push last post-COVID? Many experts feel that its markets are still considered under-valued compared to other major Canadian centres, such as Toronto and Vancouver, and with current lower inventory, the demand will continue for a while longer.

Are you caught up in the home-buying excitement? At True North Mortgage, our Halifax mortgage brokers are serious about your time and money. Even though rates are historically low for the moment, we can offer the best rates (that you qualify for). Plus, with flexible mortgage options — we’re here to make your mortgage experience as stress-free as possible.

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Whether you’re investing in a first home, income or vacation property, our lower rates can help save you thousands. How do we do that? Our True North Mortgage brokers deal with all the banks on your behalf, find the best rates and mortgage options, then pass along our volume discount to get your rate as low as possible. Even a fraction lower can make a big difference over the long term.

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Halifax mortgage rates can fluctuate — contact us, and we can hold your low mortgage rates for up to four months (depending on the lender). Then breathe easier, while we work with you to find the right mortgage fit.

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Our highly-trained mortgage brokers know Halifax, the ins and outs of the market, and have trusted relationships with accredited lenders in your area. Whether in-person, on the phone or through our online service, we provide unified, exceptional service with a smile. Allow us to take the stress out of the mortgage process — give us a call today.

Halifax Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates are different across Canada. Rates are shown based on your location. If you're planning to purchase out-of-province, be sure to choose rates where the property will be located.

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