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Lower Level
200 Wellington W
Toronto, ON, M5V 3C7

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Monday - Friday:
8:30am - 6:00pm



True North Mortgage - Toronto - Metro Centre

To meet demand for our rates and service in the GTA and Ontario, we opened our second Toronto location September 1st, 2011.  This store is located at 200 Wellington Street West which is also known as the Metro Centre.  We can be found beside the Tim Hortons in the food court. 

Our ‘Metro Store’ is a short walk (underground if you prefer), from both St. Andrews and Union stations.  Parking is available in several public parking lots along King Street and Wellington Street between University Avenue and Spadina Avenue.  

The staff at our Metro Store are experts on Toronto’s thriving condo market.  They finance condos for both investors and clients who plan on occupying the units.    The staff are also very familiar with standalone houses across the GTA and Ontario.  Our mortgage specialists will provide clients with the best rates from major Canadian banks, Canadian Trust companies, and local Toronto credit unions.

If you are looking for the lowest mortgage rates in the GTA, and well educated, friendly staff then stop by the our Metro Store – we look forward to working with you!

Languages spoken: English, Hebrew, Russian, Cantonese and Mandarin

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True North Mortgage - Metro Centre

200 Wellington W
Toronto, ON, M5V 3C7

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This is the 3rd time I’ve renewed my mortgage with Yuval at TNM. He is a consumate professional and always gets the job done. I have been working with him for years and have seen him get married and have his first child. His service level has always been excellent. He knows when my mortgage is coming due, contacts me, finds me the best deal (I do compare) and takes care of the rest. I truly trust Yuval and would go to no one else!

- Ian from Toronto, April 2017

Paul Siu is amazing and incredibly helpful. I really couldn't have asked for a better Mortgage Agent especially since i'm a first time home buyer. I had so many questions and Paul was always patient with me and answered all my questions very thoroughly. In addition, he kept me calm that everything would be fine and it did. True North is lucky to have an employee like Paul.

- Catherine from Toronto, September 2016

I was a client with Paul Siu and it was an excellent experience. The agent took care of the whole process and no hassle at all for me. All communication is done through phone and emails so that I did not even have to make time for an appointment, which is really convenient. On top of that, unbeatable rate. Especially against the big banks. Highly recommended for renewing your mortgage.

- Yu from Toronto, September 2016

I was a client with Paul Siu and it was an excellent experience. The agent took care of the whole process and no hassle at all for me. All communication is done through phone and emails so that I did not even have to make time for an appointment, which is really convenient. On top of that, unbeatable rate. Especially against the big banks. Highly recommending Paul as your mortgage broker.

- Mikalai from Toronto, September 2016

My first and primary contact at True North was Paul Sui. He was very knowledgeable and provided fantastic advice, while listening to me and answering all my questions. I was leery of going with a big "impersonal" broker in another city, but True North was able to get me the great rate that a large broker can get while providing the friendly personal service I would have expected from a smaller company. Thanks Paul, thanks True North.

- Gerry from Toronto, September 2016

My experience with True North Mortgage was absolutely pleasant from start to finish. If you're looking for a great customer service experience and great rates, this is the place to go! I was assisted by Paul Siu. Not only did he walk me through every step of the process, he also put in the extra hours to make sure everything was to my liking. Paul was always accessible and really took the stress out of a potentially daunting task. When you talk about thorough and knowledgeable staff, Paul comes to mind. In the end, I can rest easy knowing I got the best rate and the best customer service available. I will definitely be recommending Paul and True North Mortgage's services to my friends and family!

- Gordon from Toronto, September 2016

Yuval was friendly, professional and absolutely fantastic. He resolved all of our concerns quickly and efficiently and was generally on top of everything. We couldn't have asked for better care and service.

- Samuel from Ontario, June 2015

Paul made me very comfortable with my mortgage. He was constantly fighting to get me a better rate. He was very easy to work with and very trustworthy. Very professional and he follows through and keeps you up to date with what is happening. Highly recommended.

- Michael from Ontario, June 2015

Paul Siu made me convinced that TNM was reliable and helped me a lot when I was skeptical about TNM. He was kind, friendly, professional and prompt to respond my queries with good explanation always. He was amazing and I highly recommend him.

- Seokjin from Ontario, June 2015

Paul Siu is a great guy, he helped me to apply the best rate mortgage. He answered all questions quickly and solved problems carefully. Reliable person and reliable company.

- James from Ontario, June 2015

Paul was very helpful and was awesome at securing our mortgage. Great company to deal with.

- Cheryl from Ontario, June 2015

I had spoken to several different mortgage brokers before finding Paul Siu, who immediately struck me as highly knowledgeable as well as concerned about our needs. We ultimately ended up with a very satisfactory product, thanks to Paul’s competent guidance. I would recommend him and True North Mortgage in a minute.

- Nelson from Ontario, June 2015

Paul was able to tailor a product to meet my very difficult situation. He was wonderful to work with and was always available to go the extra mile to ensure that everything was done properly. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough!

- Andrew from Toronto, June 2015

Yuval was a great help to us, he was available to answer all our questions, explaining things simply. He also was quick to return our calls and follow up with us. He worked hard to find us the best mortgage for our circumstances and time frame. He is AA++++ in our books. Thanks again Yuval!

- Marlon from Ontario, April 2015

I got my mortgage thru Yuval Fish at TNM and it was a great experience, Yuval was amazing he gave me great advice and a competitive rate and when it was time to sign the rate went down and he got me a better deal. He is very knowledgeable, I would recommend him to anyone. 

- Kajam from Ontario, January 2015

Yuval was efficient and prompt to respond to my queries. He didn't hesitate to help me even with follow up questions or concerns. Highly recommended. 

- Jennifer from Ontario, January 2015

... I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I were very happy to have worked with Yuval Fish for arranging a re-financing of our mortgage. He was prompt and efficient in his replies, very helpful and knowledgeable and followed up at every stage. We are very pleased that we decided to work with TNM instead of with the bank we had been with for more than 10 years.

- Jennifer from Ottawa, September 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Yuval helped me secure my mortgage earlier this year and he did a splendid job. It was the first time I was buying a property and Yuval answered all my questions with professionalism and great patience.

- Haris from Toronto, August 2012

We found you to be pleasant and very easy to talk to. You usually always had the answers to the questions we were asking and if you didn’t, you promptly got back with a response. We ended up with not just a great rate but a mortgage package that is very flexible and one that will work for our circumstances going forward. Thanks again for all your help.

- Steven from Toronto, August 2012

Yuval was very knowledgeable and prompt in responding to all email and phone enquiries and is a very likeable person. To date I am satisfied with the mortgage that I was able to obtain through True North and I don’t believe I could have gotten a better rate or terms from another company. I find it surprising that the lender I had been with for eight years could not even come close and would not match the rate. I find it interesting that they chose to lose my business instead. My father-in-law who used to be a bank manager still can’t believe the rate and the terms that I got which were much lower than the banks advertised ones. It is easy for a consumer to say they got great customer service when all goes well and a transaction is seamless but the true test of whether an individual and/or company has provided great customer service is how they respond when something goes wrong or when there is an issue that needs to be resolved. In my case there was a misunderstanding regarding fees and this is where Yuval and True North both stand out as exceptional. I was initially quite put off with Yuval’s intial response of “Hey Rachel, I did find out from ICICI and they actually don’t reimburse the discharge fee or the registration costs.” however at the end of the day he redeemed himself by being proactive and talking to his manager and arranging for a full refund of the $250 discharge fee. I was truly amazed at the expediency in which the cheque arrived! If the fee had not been covered I would have been left feeling that the company/agent was flippant in this regard and probably didn’t care as he/they had already got my business. On the other hand because of the way the issue was resolved I believe that this is a company that is actually concerned about reputation and customer service, and not just paying lip service. The fact that you are soliciting feedback is also another good sign. Thank you for actually putting your money where your mouth is. I have since told quite a few people about your company and because of the way my issue was handled I plan to use your company again when my mortgage is up for renewal.

- Rachel from Mississauga, August 2012

Yuval was GREAT! He drove me a bit crazy with his paper work requirements but that was the lender not him. Patient, technically sound, answered my questions and got me through the long process. It was long and difficult but I am very satisfied with my 10 year mortgage that Yuval convinced me was in my best interests. Top marks for him, true professional.

- Warren from Ottawa, August 2012